Fruit Newton Magic Cookie Bars

This recipe is a bit strange, but if you love Magic Cookie Bars or as they are sometimes called, Hello Dollies, it’s worth a try. Instead of a base of graham cracker crumbs, these bars have a base of cookies. In this case, Fruit Newtons. I’ve never used the fig version as a base, but the raspberry and strawberry flavors of Newtons work really well.


Fruit Filled Magic Double Cookie Bar

45 Fig, Strawberry or Raspberry Newtons
1 (14 oz) can Eagle Brand
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup pecan pieces
8 regular or Golden Oreos, broken up (not crushed)
1/4 cup shredded, sweetened coconut (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 13×9 inch baking pan with parchment.

Lay Newton cookies side by side across bottom of lined dish, packing closely together. Pour condensed milk over Newtons. Stir together chocolate chips, pecan pieces, broken up sandwich cookies and coconut (if using).

Bake for 22-25 minutes. Let cool, then chill for a while. Cut into 24 bars

Makes 24

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