Cute Dessert Idea For Kids

This cute dessert was in a Taste of Home Halloween magazine, and I thought I’d try it out. I was in a rush and threw it together, but you could make your ice cream mouse a bit neater.

I think I pushed the M&Ms too far in and the mouse’s eyes are sunken. He also doesn’t have any pupils, but who needs those anyway?

The whiskers were supposed to be licorice strings, but H.E.B. didn’t have any so I had to use Fiber One Cereal.¬†Fuzz didn’t care. She said it was the best mouse dessert she’d ever had.

cute dessert

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  1. Anna says

    The magazine has a lot of cute ideas. I was a little surprised that it cost $6.00, but it was worth it, as there are plenty of other cute ideas. You’ll want to throw a big Halloween party!

  2. Anna says

    Val, it’s a little pre-packaged tart shell. I’m going to save the tiny foil tin and refill it with better crust for next time. The head is ice cream and the ears are chocolate wafers. Taste of Home used what appeared to be chocolate covered Keebler peanut butter or mint cookies for the ears. I think Oreos would even work.

  3. val says

    but, what is it made of? the head, I mean. and are those homemade chocolate cookies for ears?it is really cute!

  4. says

    Emma said it was the best mouse dessert shed ever had? What other mouse desserts have you been making? Are there secrest ingredients to your cookies we don’t knoe about? ;)Amy

  5. says

    She did have one other mouse dessert. At Disney World in 2004, when we ate dinner at the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Hotel. I think there’s a picture somewhere.

  6. Anna says

    Sarah Lou, that’s wild! I wonder why they’re becoming extinct. Are you trying to start a crazy rumor? ;).Taste of Home also recommended using Chocolate Twigs as whisker. Where the heck to you find a chocolate twig?

  7. says

    FYI. I have heard licorice shoestrings are becoming extinct. I can’t confrim if this is a rumour but I ran into a similiar problem during a search this summer.

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