Girl Scout Butter Cookies

This recipe came from Recipezaar, though I believe it was created by Todd Wilbur at Top Secret Recipes. Rather than post the recipe, I’m going to link to it.

I made these last night and they were well received by my family. Fuzz and her dad would prefer to eat butter cookies, licorice, spice drops and cheap drugstore candy than a bar of good chocolate or a pile of chocolate chip cookies. I don’t quite relate to that, but nevertheless, I was surprised at how excited they were over these simple cookies.

These are good, though they’re not really shortbread. They have two leavenings and an egg, so I’d say they were butter cookies. In fact, the first thing I remembered when biting into one of these was those little Nabisco Butter cookies that were shaped like flowers and had a hole in the middle? Remember those? Apparently, they are no longer in production, but at least you now have an alternative. I definitely recommend these as a recipe to whip up with the kids. They’re inexpensive, easy, and taste really good.

girl scout butter cookies

A few more notes. The dough most definitely must be chilled. I didn’t even attempt to roll it out. Instead, I formed little balls, pressed each ball into a 1/8 inch thick circle and cut each flower directly on the Silpat, lifting up the scraps and leaving behind the flour. I think you could use extra flour and roll, but I like using as little flour as possible in butter cookies. Yes, they are 100% Butter Flavored Crisco. If you are a non-shortening person and attempt these with all butter, please let me know how they work out. I generally prefer butter, but sometimes I get great results with butter flavored shortening and this is one of those instances. Also, the recipe I linked to is pretty small. I actually doubled mine. There’s really no reason not to since you can keep the dough in the refrigerator for a while and make just as many cookies as you need. It beats throwing away half an egg. What is up with that anyway?

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  1. Amy says

    This will sound like blasphemy to you, but I am in the EmmaToddcamp because I would pick a butter cookie or shortbread over chocolate chip. Eep! What’s up with that?

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