Girl Scout Copy Cat Cookies Installment 2 – Samoas

Well, I made the Samoas. They’re okay, but I think they’ll be better when they come of age. Ha Ha Ha. Get it? Margaret Mead? Okay, now I’m back to being very serious.

I kind of screwed these up. The coconut mixture is a little bit too chewy and instead of spreading the coconut mixture over the top, I just left it in a blob in the center. On one hand, it makes the flower shapes look more like flowers. On the other, the texture is kind of weird.

The directions say to cook the mixture to 220-228. I aimed for 228. I think the coconut part would have been a little softer had I taken it off at 220.

Also, the recipe as stated makes way too much topping so you’ll probably want to halve it. Half of the recipe was enough to cover at least 24 of the little shortbread cookies.

To get the striped tops, I put about 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips in a freezer and bag and microwaved the whole bag for about 2 minutes, stopping to massage bag and distribute heat ever 30 seconds. Once the chips were melted, I cut a tiny snip off the bottom corner and just squeezed out the chocolate.

Here’s a link to the recipe I followed.

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  1. Amy says

    Thank you for my afternoon snack!!!I think you hit the nail on the head with the temperature of the coconut mixture. I’d bet anything. The flavor combination of the coconut and chocolate was perfect though. I might add a tad more salt to the base? At any rate, this was a great snack with my afternoon coffee. Tell Emma I love the picture she drew for me.

  2. Anna says

    Salt? Really? Okay. A little salt might add some extra oomph. I thought they were okay as is, but a little salt might make the base better.Glad you didn’t break your teeth on that coconut.

  3. says

    I got the joke!Those cookies look amazing. I can almost taste the chocolate … I have to stop visiting your blog before I go to bed. I do nothing but dream of cookies!

  4. Anonymous says

    These are my absolute favorite cookies.Emily

  5. Anna says

    “Anonymous” (LOL),Those chocolate sugar cookies sound super-fab. I’ll have to put them on the list. If they’re Paula Deen’s recipe, they have to be good.Ivonne, what’s wrong with dreaming about cookies?

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