Pretty Princess Cake

A few weeks ago, Fuzz and I started making a Pretty Princess cake – a recipe idea we got from the book Delicious Desserts from Batter Up Kids.

We got as far as icing the first layer, but while stacking on the second, the layer broke in half. It was my fault for letting Fuzz do it herself. What was I thinking?

At any rate, it turned into an excellent lesson in “crumb layers”. We iced the whole thing (smearing crumbs all through the dark pink icing), stuck it in the deep freeze to firm, then wrapped it in a layer of plastic wrap and foil.

Today, we decided to finish the cake. I pulled out the frozen, homely, pink crumbed cake and set it on the cake stand. The plan was to ice the frozen cake with whipped white icing, then spray it with new pink spray on stuff. Here’s what it looked like out of the freezer. As you see, Fuzz has already coated some of the deep pink in a layer of white.

I am not particularly fond of dying icing because I always get dye all over the kitchen. Besides, Fuzz and I had been looking for an excuse to try out this new product. It’s like spray paint for cakes, and let me tell you – it is cool!

I had so much fun spraying it. Fuzz did too, although it was really hard for her little fingers. Here’s what the cake looked like partially sprayed.

And here it is all finished! It’s the tiara, really. A tiara will make any cake beautiful.

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  1. val says

    ooo. where do you buy these tiaras in bulk? my cakes need serious help in the beauty department.that’s a fun looking cake. and the spray can thing is neat (but I think I’d only use it for the novelty with kids).

  2. Anna says

    Val, I have no idea where the tiara is from. Maybe Ms. Chevious could send you one of hers, ’cause we know she has at least 40. Actually, I think you can find them in the party favor section. As for the spray paint, that stuff is addictive. Try it once and you won’t be able to stop.

  3. says

    Anna the cake is precious!! And you have given me a fabulous idea for the princess niece’s upcoming birthday. She’s going to flip – I bought her a birthday tiara last year & she still talks about it!! And as she says EVERYTIME I see her “Pink is my favorite color!” lol

  4. Anna says

    I totally recommend the cake. Maybe as a present, you could order the “Delicious Desserts” book and give that to her as a gift.

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