Midori Cake Part 2

Here’s a picture of what the Midori cake looked like before we cut into it. It’s kind of tacky looking, but I figured with a green cake, anything goes. Plus, it was for an Easter party.

In the end, everyone loved it and it got great reviews. I think a few people even went out and bought Midori so they could make it again.


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  1. a random person that saw you on food network :) says

    I saw you on Food network bake off contest, you talked about this blog so I decided to comment you cooking.I feel so happy that you won and I hope that ur child has a fun time and that jumping thing.-Anonynous

  2. Suzy says

    Hi I have made this cake for years – the original recipe came from a booklet on the Midori bottle during the holiday season many, many years ago.

    It is better with yogurt! Try it.

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