Tropical Fruit Bars

It’s been a busy Easter. The Midori cake will make its debut at a party tonight, and earlier today I made some Tropical Fruit Bars to take to another Easter party at a different home. These are like Magic Cookies Bars, but the base is made with refrigerated white chocolate macadamia flavored cookie dough and the topping is a mixture of Pina Colada flavored condensed milk, dried tropical fruit and white chips.

tropical fruit bars

The recipe for
Tropical Fruit Bars
is originally from The Pillsbury Bake-Off, and I was lucky enough to sample some on the Bake-Off floor. They struck me as extra sweet at the time, but very good. And of course, they are super simple.

After giving it some consideration, I opted to save the Tropical Fruit Bars for Todd’s co-workers. No doubt they’ll be expecting post-Easter surprised in their breakroom tomorrow morning. I’d hate to let them down.

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