Goji Berries

It will be nice when I have an actual cookie recipe to share, but For now, I’ll keep rambling about random things such as these Goji Berries, which I discovered last week.

Goji Berries

Apparently Goji Berries will put you in a good mood, cure all your physical ailments and add years to your lifespan. They are from Tibet, so this must be true.

I first saw these at our local apothecary, People’s Pharmacy. People’s keeps an open bag of Goji berries in the store for sampling. I tried a few then, but didn’t buy any. The weird pharmacy smell was getting to me and nothing seemed appetizing.

A few weeks later I saw them at Whole Foods. I didn’t buy them, but I did some more research later that day. Suddenly, I had to have Goji berries. I drove to Central Market, bought an 8 ounce $11.00 bag, and opened the bag in the car. The berries tasted like a cross between bubble gum, Craisins, dried cherries and medicine. As I drove around town eating Goji berries, I could feel my body getting healthier and healthier.

That evening, I put some Goji berries on the dinner table and asked Todd and Fuzz to give them a try. Todd wasn’t crazy about the berries, but I think it was because he was eating a Boston Market Frozen Beef Noodle dinner and the Goji berries just didn’t go with it. Fuzz, who had tried them earlier in the car, still didn’t like them. More Goji berries for me! I said. At $11.00 a bag, I’m going to enjoy them. They can be used interchangeably with Craisins, so maybe I’ll bake them into the world healthiest, super anti-oxidant cookie.

If you Google Goji Berries and don’t feel compelled to seek them out, then you are either 1) less naive than I am or 2) not going to be around for my big 110th birthday party.

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  1. says

    this is such a delightful posting. am in a cranky mood (too much $#& work) and it made me laugh, like twice at least. (i particularly heart paragraph 3.) a thousand thank yous. and now i shall return to my ball-busting deadlines

  2. says

    hi Anna. This is a chinese herb! We always put them in chicken soup, together with red dates. According to some wise old folks, it’s good for eyesight and memory. Good that you have discovered this gem!Just a small note, this is less than one dollar when I bought them in Asia….

  3. Anna says

    tg, Goji berries will cure your cranky mood. Novice Baker, I am astounded at how inexpensive Goji berries actually are. Someone is making a handsome profit right now.

  4. says

    I’ve heard a lot about the gogi berry drinks but didn’t realize you could buy them dried! I know my hubby will be very interested in these, he has wanted to try the juice.

  5. Anna says

    COC, thanks for your comment from the far away land of Singapore — a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Next time I make soup, I’ll try throwing in some of the Goji berries. There’s a Ginseng Chicken Soup recipe I’ve been wanting to try. Maybe they’d work in that one.

  6. says

    Just another asian thought…Goji Berries (Chinese call em Gou Qi Zi) are usually quite strong in flavour and only a handful are thrown into a whole pot of soup. The dried versions plump up considerably with the liquid and flavour absorbed from the stock simmering the chicken and herbs. This helps reduce the pungent intense flavour of the berry, leaving it incredibly soft and palatable even. This almost always guarantees a flavourful homely feel to anyone drinking it.

  7. Softie says

    I love goji berries too! Glad you enjoyed them…they do feel really good to eat.

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