Packaged Cookies We Like

The kitchen is not functioning and I can’t bake. Luckily, I like store bought packaged cookies. No matter what those copy cat recipes say, you can’t duplicate packaged cookies, especially the sandwich kind, in a home kitchen. Only loving robotic arms, belts, pulleys, conveyer belts and crème shooters can make the perfect Oreo. And I’m pretty sure that I, nor Paul Newman himself, could replicate a Newman’s Ginger Crème “O” at home.

Fuzz is enjoying the packaged cookies as well. I’m trying not to be bothered by the fact that she seems to like them more than homemade. Last week she was really into Lu brand “Little School Boys“. Her enthusiasm has dropped considerably now that we’ve told her they are not made from real school boys.

Those three, Oreos, Ginger Cremes and Little School Boys our favorites. Today, they were joined by a new cookie on the block called “Cheekys”. I found the Cheekys on the Hebrew Foods aisle at the new H.E.B. grocery. Okay, I’m exaggerating. There’s not a whole aisle of Hebrew Foods but rather about 1/8 of an aisle with some foods from Israel. The Cheekys label is written in Hebrew, so I have no idea what’s in them. Whatever they’re made of, it can’t be that bad since they are made under strict orthodox supervision….right? If you’d like to buy your own package of Cheekys, click here.

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  1. Anna says

    Longhorngal, I’ll look for the Chooby Doos today. We’re coming to the store later.Erika, I think they keep the Newman’s Own cookies in the Natural Foods aisle. If you happen upon them, buy some……for yourself ;). The little Barbara’s Chocolate Chip animals are really good too.

  2. says

    Sometimes the packaged cookie is the way to go. Right now Abigail is fascinated with all the cookies in the natural foods aisle, and we’re making our wasy through them. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the Little School Boys though, she’d like those ones.

  3. says

    have you noticed that there’s now FOUR petite ecolier options? i JUST bought the extra-extra black-as-the-midnight-sun dark which has an even more pleasing contrast between the choc & the biscuit. (in fact, i went back and got one of the lighter ones, maybe the milk, and now that choc seems too sweet & greasy.)

  4. Anna says

    The four I know of are 1) Milk Chocolate Toffee 2) Milk Chocolate3) Dark Chocolate (I just bought some)4) and the Extra Dark chocolate ones you mentioned. I’m going to pick up a box of those soon. Out of the two boxes I have, the dark chocolate are much better and more grown-up than the milk chocolate. I think I’ll love the extra dark.

  5. Gigi says

    I looked for the extra dark chocolate Lu Petit Ecolier and couldn’t find them. However, they did have a hazelnut milk chocolate version. Knowing that I can’t be trusted alone with a jar of Nutella, I figured I should keep walking and not look back.

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