Chocolate Espresso Cookies From Martha Stewart

We had a lot going on today, so rather than experiment, I decided to go with something tried-and-true. This recipe was sent to me to me by a friend in Manhattan. It’s a Martha Stewart recipe, so you can find it right here. There’s even a video of Martha baking it with its creator, an architect named Merritt Palminteri.


I made these twice. First, after realizing I was out of butter, I made them with butter flavored shortening. I was not happy with the results. They tasted a little too chalky. I blamed it on the shortening, but it could have been that I was too heavy handed with the flour. I got rid of the first batch before adding in the fancy chocolate.

The second batch, which I made with butter, was excellent. I followed Martha’s directions precisely and used Lindt 70% chocolate.

The cookies are rich, but unlike some of my other chocolate cookie recipes, taste more like actual cookies that chocolate baked into cookie form. Given that, the dough makes an excellent binder for adding as much chocolate as you want. It also lets the flavor of the dark chocolate stand out, so it’s worth using the good stuff here.

One more thing, I used natural cocoa and the cookies rose very well. You might be able to use Dutch process cocoa, but you wouldn’t get the same leavening action. There’s a good explanation of why, right here. Also, the more subtle flavor of the natural cocoa added more contrast with the huge chunks of Lindt.

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  1. says

    yum! the cookies look delish! And thanks for the tidbit on the difference with the cocoas =) I knew the part about the alkali, but wasn’t sure about the whole reaction can be a bit confusing.btw, saw you & Emma on the Pillsbury Bakeoff special on the food network last weekend. I was pointing at the tv going “hey I know her!!” lol

  2. Anna says

    Hi J!I saw your strawberry tart recipe. It looks good. Cooking Light has a really good one too, but with a graham cracker crust.

  3. Anonymous says

    They’re really rich and good. I’m not sure if I love them though. Maybe 4 out of 5 stars.

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