Dulce de Leche Oreos

And here’s one more excuse not to bake cookies.

ddloreos 007.jpg

I found these this morning at an Austin, TX Target. They are a limited edition, so if you see a box you’d best snap it up. I liked these, but didn’t think they tasted much like dulce de leche. The filling has the flavor of browned butter and butter extract. I haven’t formed a solid opinion yet, but will be curiously watching for the reviews of others.

At any rate, I’m glad to see the Oreo people are getting adventurous with their flavors. Now when are they going to do a milk chocolate malt filled Oreo?

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  1. says

    Ooooh, malted milk oreos – that sounds marvelous!

    I tried the Mexican cookies last week, but I stuffed them with the Dove caramel chocolates. I baked them too long and the milk chocolate encasing the caramel was distracting, but I will try again with the other half of the log this morning.

  2. Melody says

    Oh my goodness! I thought I died and went to Oreo heaven when they came out with the peanut butter ones . . . but Dulce de Leche? I need to find them!!!

  3. Anna says

    Hi Steph,

    I can see who the milk chocolate would be distracting. Milk chocolate always tastes strange to me in cookies. You might want to try it with dark or with a higher grade dark such as Valrhona chunks.

    Melody, I LOVE the peanut butter Oreos. These are a nice change of pace, the the pb ones are still my favorite.

  4. says

    I saw these in Wal-Mart this weekend and almost bought some but I just wasn’t sure. I really prefer the vanilla oreos the most, although peanut butter is ALWAYS a weakness for me!

  5. says

    Hershey’s also has a new Dulce de Leche syrup for adding to milk or swirling over ice cream. I snapped it up expecting something great… it tastes like not much. It makes milk just taste super sweet, and didn’t do much for ice cream either. I don’t know if I’ll rush for one of these new Oreos.

  6. says

    What is it with the Dulce de leche craze suddenly? I went to my parents in Texas last week and went to a HEB (I wish we had them in NM!!). I was browsing around and saw Dulce de leche cereal on an end cap.
    Speaking of HEB, I went down the baking aisle and went a little crazy..hehehe! I bought Ghiradelli brownie mix and turbinado sugar. I also picked up a box of Texas Tasters bite size crackers just so I could eat them in front of my Arkansas born husband. Man, the grilled salsa ones are really good.
    I can’t wait to start baking again!

  7. smash says

    Where have people been seeing these cookies? I want to start checking around NYC, but if they aren’t up north yet, I won’t bother.

  8. meredith says

    I’m envisioning the Barefoot Contessa outrageous oreo crunch brownies w/ these dulce de leche oreos and some type of dulce de leche glaze/frosting/topping.

  9. Diana says

    I bought these too. Yum. What do you think about an oreo/dulche crust (springform pan) with some sort of butterscotch-cream cheese filling……..?

  10. says

    Gary and I picked up some of these while shopping for supplies today in PC. I also got some Newman Ginger-O’s and had 3 (uh, maybe 4?) for my afternoon snack. Yummy.

  11. Anna says

    Diana, I think a dulce de leche Oreo crust with a regular cheesecake and ribbon or some kind of marble of dld would be good.

    Amy, I think I like Ginger O’s bette than Oreos.

    Meredith (and Diana) the only problem with incorporating these into a recipe is that what happens if you like the recipe? The dld Oreos are limited, so you can only make said recipe until Nabisco decides to take them away.

  12. Jess says

    I LOVE these cookies. I bought some a couple of nights ago and they’re basically my favorite cookie EVER.

    Perfect for a rainy day like today. Mmmm…

  13. Anna says

    Trish, if it’s any consolation, the more dulce de leche Oreos I ate, the less I liked them. As for transfats, haven’t they taken that stuff out of Oreos?? Or maybe they need it for the filling to be correct. I need to check. If they haven’t taken it out, I’m switching exclusively to Newman’s Own sandwich cookies.

  14. Dailacfoodsinc says

    Hershey and Oreo are doing a bad job of promoting Dulce De Leche….My parents are form argentina and none of these products even taste like Dulce de Leche…Please do not judge Dulce de Leche based on these products…The closest you can get to real Dulce de Leche is Hagen Daaz ice cream, but even that isn’t that great.

  15. Stacey says

    Mmmm, I’ve got to get some of these cookies! I fell in love with Starbuck’s Dulce de Leche Frap & Iced Espresso, and of course they have discontinued the syrup, at least here in AL and I’ve looked online and everywhere. I hope the cookies are what I’m expecting, then I’m moving on to the Hagen Daaz ice cream. Winn Dixie has a good version of dulce de leche ice cream. It’s worth a try.

  16. Ben says

    The Dulce de Leche Oreo cookie is one of my favorite kinds of oreo cookie. It’s wonderful on it’s own, but it’s also great if you eat one and imagine that you have a Starbuck’s Caramel frappacino. Amazingly, the flavor seems to be nearly the same!

  17. carla says

    jajajaja yo todos los dias como dulce de leche
    es riquisimo
    i eat every day dulce de leche 😛
    it’s..delicious ? that is? i don’t know how to write it :S
    aguante el dulce de leche es lo mejor THE BEST (?

    🙂 it’s okay

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