Kosher Salt

Here’s what Iearned from reading Cook’s Illustrated.

Brands of kosher salt are different. Ordinary table salt weighs 10 oz. per cup; Morton’s Coarse Kosher Salt weighs 7.7 oz. per cup; and Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt weighs 5 oz. per cup. Keep this in mind. If a recipe calls for kosher salt and the amount seems unusually large, the recipe may have been tested with a coarser salt such as Diamond.

The New York Times informed me that the salty chocolate chip cookies had been tested with Diamond Kosher, which is much less salty than Morton kosher. This explains why the cookies were so salty.

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  1. Stephanie says

    Wow, I’m glad the link was helpful! I’m looking forward to trying those cookies. By the way, I really enjoy your blog. It’s fun to read the baking exploits of a fellow Jeopardy! TiVo-er.

  2. Diana says

    WOW, the dialogue for this recipe rivals Alton Brown’s explanations…….I love it! Thanks for the clarification; I was wondering……
    Speaking of details….What is your preferred cookie pan?
    Thanks Anna!

  3. says

    I remember Cook’s Illustrated doing a piece about relative saltiness some Thanksgiving issue ago, it makes a huge difference in brining turkeys, too. Another way it makes a difference is nutrition analysis. The USDA database only includes table salt. Just yesterday … unassociated but now confirmed by this … I need to manually adjust quantities to better estimate sodium. OH the things we learn online! I think it’s terrific that Amanda Hesser is all over this, good for her.

  4. Anna says


    Sorry, I am just now answering your comment.

    I’ve been using the same beat up old cookie sheets for the past 6 (at least!) years. I believe they are AirBake Ultra. Whatever they are, they are insulated. I haven’t done a side by side comparison with various cookie sheets and I’m sure some are superior, but I’ve just gotten into the habit of using certain ones. They seem to be fine, so long as I line them with parchment or something.

    I have noticed that with my airbakes, I never get burned bottoms unless I really, really overbake the cookies.

  5. Diana says

    Thanks………I think I’ll treat myself to some new pans (did I really say that?)…….I’m a believer in parchment too!
    I just bought the nutella on sale today for that recipe I sent a while back…I’ll let you know how it goes! Have a great weekend!

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