1. carole says

    I will try it with banana cake.

    Wonder if I could adapt the idea for the PBO. Maybe a savory, appetiter. Will havw to think about this.

  2. Anna says

    Carole, first see if you even like it. I’m not an expert on flan, so I’d be interested to hear how you think this flan stacks up to other flans.

    When I make this again, I want to try it with a pumpkin flan.

  3. Atanashi ayaka Moka says

    hmm … our flan was fablous … but u miss something … the flan should be more a sweet teskture …. and its such a good that u making it like this its look delicious … hmm … but maybe wiht more good flan cake u can do it more a little or u can put the flan ( before in it to oven ) to the cup … and u decorate it with fresh fruit thats should be easy ^^

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