Birthday Notes

This weekend is all about Fuzz’s big birthday bash. I’ll be busy working on two of the birthday cakes — a chocolate cake with cholate frosting and a dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free chocolate cake. The third cake, a white-on-white My Little Pony cake with buttercream icing is coming from the grocery store bakery. As for the chocolate cakes, stay tuned. I’m going to attempt to make two horses.

In other news, Fuzz just won her first contest ever! It was a coloring contest, and I’ll post the picture and more info just as soon as the affidavits are signed and received. She is so proud of herself.

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  1. carole says

    You are so talented!!! Can I come to the party?

    The win is a nice birthday present for Fuzz. Please give her a birthday hug for me.

  2. Jan says

    Happy Birthday, Fuzz!!

    I’ve made many a decorated cake in my three children’s lives (they are grown now), and it is always exciting to discover what you can do with a cake and icing. Have fun.

  3. says

    Happy Bday to Fuzz. Couldnt the instructions of that cake be any clearer? Cut as shown. Someone on Eg made that cake, there is a picture in a thread somewhere.

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