I Heart Paper Mart

I have a new recipe for you today, but it’s not ready yet so come back later.

For now, I want to put in a plug for my favorite on-line purveyor of paper goods, Paper Mart.

My friends at Paper Mart don’t know me from Jack, but I’m a big fan. They’ve saved me loads of money and their products have received accolades from friends far and wide. My favorite product is the wax-lined Kraft paper bag. Paper Mart will sell you a case of 100 classy 1 pound capacity window bags for a mere $17.00 plus shipping.

A new favorite is the ultra luxurious golden Chinese food take-out container.


Check it. I filled this one with Frito candy. Props to you, Paper Mart, for making Frito Candy look classy.


I need to procure some of those clear ones. Tres chic!

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  1. KelliRR says

    Thanks so much for the info. I give a lot of baked goods as gifts and I always seem to be running around last minute for cute containers (but when it’s last minute it’s rare that I ever come up with anything I’m happy with!) Those gold boxes are very classy! I like! Thanks again.

  2. Jackie says

    Happy Valentine’s Day Anna!

    My 11 year old was craving your Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies yesterday so when I have time to bake that’s what I’ll make.

    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.

  3. hippydippy says

    those are great boxes. sadly i don’t think i’d use them for putting goodies in…around here it’d get altered and become something for scrapbooking LOL

  4. says

    Well Anna, I am so glad you like my company. I google our name to see what people are saying about Paper Mart to see how we are doing as a company.

    We try really hard to sell great things that people want at really good prices. I started Paper Mart in my 20s. Now I am 68 and still enjoy this work. From now on you can tell people that we do know you from “Jack”

    Thanks for recomending Paper Mart!

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