Bake Sale Brownies

One of the reasons for this past week’s brownie madness is that I’m gearing up for a big bake-sale. We’re in the planning stages now, but the goal is to raise money for our school. The last bake sale we did was for Tsunami relief, so it’s been a while. What I remember most was that the things which sold out the quickest were not necessarily the slickest looking items, but rather individually wrapped homey looking things. In fact, the first things to disappear were some rather thin, giant, homemade peanut butter cookies wrapped in plain old plastic wrap. They looked kind of like those cookies you see at the check-out of the gas station or Walgreens — Prairie City. Prairie City is actually a pretty big operation, but their cookies look like they were baked and wrapped by the lady down the street which I suppose is a purposeful move on PC’s part.

I’ll move on to cookie wrapping later, but for now I’m working with brownies. I’m looking for 1) recipes that hold up well and are soft inside, chewy out (like Mrs. Butters) and 2) cute ways to wrap them. What I discovered yesterday was that I could use my inexpensive non-professional heat sealer with those little clear treat bags you buy at the craft store. Here’s one of the brownies from yesterday which I sealed and decorated with one of the Disney stickers I keep finding around the house. I sent the rest to work. Hopefully, Todd’s co-workers like Disney.


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    Hi E,

    I’ve seen the lollipop bags and I think those would work. I actually found these bags at Garden Ridge. They’re in the party supply section.

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    These kinda remind me of the nemo cake line I used to love when I was in High school. They were sold at 7-11’s, individual pieces of cake wrapped in plastic wrap. Do you remember those?

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    Thanks for the link. I dont see the product that I used to buy. It was a frosted cake slice tightly wrapped in plastic. God, I loved those.

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