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    I guess, but I am about as southern as they come (Georgia) and I have never ever EVER seen a red velvet cake with ganache. hmph.

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    Amy, that tunnel one I just made had a ganache on it. As I made it, I thought “Boy, this sure isn’t very authentic” but it tasted good. I kind of like the idea of incorporating some sort of chocolate icing into a red velvet cake. Not necessarily a ganache, but maybe make a red velvet layer cake with chocolate icing between the layers and white icing over the top and sides. Hey, I just got an idea. Chocolate CREAM CHEESE icing between the layers and that boiled icing (that I still haven’t tried) on the top and sides. Everyone would be happy!

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    Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of chocolate, I just think it’s funny that the article calls it “southern red velvet cake”. How ’bout “new wave red velvet cake” or “updated classic” or “better than ever red velvet” or whatever?

  4. cookleitz says

    What about “kinda-sorta” red velvet cake or “not really” red velvet cake?

    I’m telling you…..try the boiled frosting!

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    Amy, I totally see your point. How about “Pittsburgh Style Red Velvet” or “Steeltown Red Velvet” or “Pirate Red Velvet!”?

    Anyway, I will try that boiled frosting, C. It’s high on my to-do list.

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