Back from Scottsdale

I’m back from Scottsdale, where I went to see my friends Maureen and Scott get married. The ceremony was Catholic, but instead of being held in a church, it took place on the terrace of Copperwynd Resort, where the guests were treated to a panoramic view of the mountainous Arizona desert landscape. It was an unforgettable wedding, and I felt extra happy, having watched this relationship progress from its inception.


When not doing wedding related things, I drove around in my rental car getting lost. At first, it was annoying, but after a series of wrong turns I started to enjoy them. The best of which was when I mapped out a route to the DSW Shoe Warehouse and ended up at Taliesin. There was so much to see that I wish I’d booked a longer trip, but I had a family to get home to and had to make the most of my time there by myself…..which is why I spent the last night at The Hotel Valley Ho.


If you ever make it to Scottsdale, I highly recommend “The Ho”……especially if you like retro. From the outside, it looks like kind of like a plain motel from the fifties, but inside it’s a trip back in time. The designers went all out to redesign the hotel to reflect its history as a stomping ground for old Hollywood stars. And I must add, the staff members treat you like one. The bell hop not only carried my bag to the room, but spent about 20 minutes describing its many features, such as the plasma TV, the light-up bathtub, the sleek coffee maker and fully loaded mini bar. He also noted that the Circle K next door sold 5 types of champagne, so I guess he sized me up right away. Ha Ha. In the end, my favorite feature was the sliding door leading out to its own private terrace. I spent a lot of time just lying there, listening to the lounge music playing by the pool and pretending I was Natalie Wood. It’s impossible to stay at that hotel and not drift off into fantasy land.

But back to reality. Now I’m sitting at my computer waiting for a company called Junk Busters to come pick up a sofa. I also need to bake a bunch of cookies for the PTA and then take Fuzz to “The Little Gym” for some romping around.

If I have time, I’ll post more pictures. I know what you all really want to see is the light-up bathtub.


  1. TracysTribe3 says

    Glad you had a nice time! I remember reading about the Valley Ho when they were in the redecorating process. Sounds cool!

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