Four Day Coconut Cake Report

I have made some modifications to the previous Four Day Coconut Cake recipe, so if you copied it, you might want to re-copy it.

The sheet cake idea didn’t work so well. The cake tasted good, but the coconut mixture didn’t seep down into the cake very much, but rather sat on top and firmed up. The correct way to make the cake, using two 9 inch round layers that have been split to make 4 layers, gives the cake a higher ratio of coconut mixture to cake per bite. Also, since the coconut mixture does firm up over 4 days, it should not be as messy as it sounds.

Another thing. I made my yellow cake from scratch. It was a very good yellow cake right out of the oven, but I didn’t like the texture it developed after sitting in the refrigerator for four days. I think a cake mix based cake would have had a better texture. Next time, I’d make this cake with a cake mix base.

Here’s a picture of the cake as I served it. Since I wasn’t happy with it as a one layer sheet cake, I cut the cake into pieces, cut the bottoms of each piece, then stacked the iced tops so that each piece would have two layers of coconut mixture. It would have been a lot simpler had I just followed directions. In the end, the cake was really good once layered properly. Next time I will try this with a chocolate layer cake. Oh, the stuff on the top is Smucker’s Caramel Sundae Sauce.

Four day Coconut Cake

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  1. Janet says

    That looks sooooo good! Does it take as good as it looks? Thanks for another recipe!

  2. says

    Hey Anna,

    I was looking thru the cake mix doctor book and this recipe is in there, although slightly different. It does say not to eat it for 3 days, and its better after 5 days. You also mix up the sugar, sour cream, coconut right away and frost the cake. The cake is called grandma’s coconut icebox cake.

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