Four Day Coconut Cake — Day Two

Today’s been busy, but I have a very exciting (!) cake to tell you about. It’s called Four Day Coconut Cake and I’m on Day 2.
This is a perfect cake for when you are busy, because you can do it in spurts. The steps involve making a mixture of sour cream, sugar and frozen coconut and letting it sit for day, then baking a yellow layer cake, stacking the filling between layers and letting the cake sit in the refrigerator for at least 3 days. As I mentioned, I’m on Day 2 and debating whether or not to bake a scratch yellow cake or just buy a mix.

I’m really concerned about the stacking, because this coconut mixture appears extremely runny. I’m wondering why no one has made this as a sheet cake, poked holes in the sheet cake and poured the coconut stuff over like in one of those old “Stripe it Rich!” cakes. Gosh, maybe I should have made that.

Anyway, I’ll report back when I get this cake under control.

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  1. kelly says

    This is a little off the subject, but have you ever received an amish friendship bread starter? It’s pretty cool, and it takes ten days to complete, but it tastes awesome and you can make a lot of variations with it. Kind of like chainmail, but you can eat it. Anyways, just curious!

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