Still Not Cooking

I guess everyone drops a red velvet cake on their kid’s bike once in a while. Time to get over it and move on to a new and exciting cookie recipe.

Maybe Lynne has some ideas. This site always makes me happy for some reason. Remember, keep your sound on.

Oh, and to get a full bucket of fun, click here too.

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  1. says

    Hi, Anna! I don’t think you should give up on your bundt cake idea just yet. I happen to think it’s an inspired vision! But how about instead of a proper cheesecake filling, you omit the eggs and just use sweetened cream cheese (say a pound of softened cream cheese mixed with a cup of powdered sugar and perhaps a splash of vanilla for good measure? (I used this as a filling for a New Orleans King Cake once and it was yummy.) Maybe that would do the trick? Just an idea. And of course, SPRAY YOUR PAN! Tee hee.

    Good luck–Gina

  2. hippydippy says

    I agree with Gina. What about cheating and using that premade cheesecake filling or even cheesecake flavored cream cheese? I love red velvet and am eagerly anticipating this recipe!

  3. Janet says

    I finally made those wonderful caramel brownies you posted in April. OMG, they are over the top…thanks for the great recipe.

  4. says

    Gina, the filling didn’t have any eggs — it just looked like it did. I think the filling was fine, it was the cake that was the problem….and the non-use of cooking spray.

    Which brings me to the next comment from “HippyDippy”. I actually love the red velvet cake recipe from Anne Byrne — the one in The Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor that begins with a white cake mix. However, I was determined to do this one from scratch. Maybe I should just try it with Anne Byrne’s recipe but bake it in a bundt cake and use the cream cheese filling recipe.

    Cindy, I feel kind of bad about not having a recipe on Chocolate Chip Day — I really, really do.

    Janet, thank you SO MUCH for trying that recipe. Those brownies are incredible — especially after being chilled overnight. That is my favorite caramel brownie recipe in the world. It’s from Rebecca Rather.

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