Fun Cook-Off Alert!

Since some of you like the idea of cooking contests, here’s a fun one you may want to check into. I didn’t enter last year, but this year I plan to give it a go. Ready, set, Matzoh!

As I mentioned, I didn’t enter last year but some friends did and since I happened to be in NYC the day of the event, I met them for dinner that night at Olives in the W Union Square. They told me all about the day’s events, and I was I was slightly jealous about not having been at the contest, which was held at a Marriott. One amusing anecdote was that one of the ladies had met the mom of the guy who run’s Craigslist. Yes, she met Craig’s mom. The world is a strange place. Enjoy it while you can.

Anyhow, the rules say they’re looking for “soup” and “main courses” so no desserts :(. Good luck!

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    I know someone who placed in the semi-finals in Florida for this last year. I’ve never entered a contest but I think it would be fun.

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