Back From Chicago

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

Sorry I wasn’t around to make any red, white and blue desserts, but we spent the week in Chicago – a city I love dearly, but only in July. Okay, just kidding. I love Chicago all year round, but July is a great time for Texans to visit. Compared to here, it’s breezy and cool and the weather is amenable to plenty of outdoor activities.

I’ll talk more about it later. For now, here are some pictures.

I didn’t take a laptop, but I did stop into a little Internet cafe to log onto Cookie Madness and briefly scan comments. Thanks to all of you who commented and/or tried something – especially Debbie….who made the coconut pie and the lemon squares. Your comments were much appreciated.

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  1. Debbi says

    Yes, clearly I make too many desserts. There is always an occasion around here though. I have the kind of house where there are always people coming in and I like to have desserts or food to share. Today I am going to make your Hershey Bar Pie for about 8 kids tomorrow. Also the Apple Cream Cheese bars from the Mix It Up With Betty contest. Those are one of our favorites and I have made those with both apple and strawberry. Yum.

  2. says

    Good question. When I was in Chicago, I noticed the same cookies all over the place — Monster cookies (which weren’t true monsters, just big cookies), brownies and oatmeal cookies. There must be some central bakery that pumps out these giant cookies.

    The Chicago food scene is completely overwhelming. It was hard to pinpoint the definitive cookie among all that food. Maybe I should go back?

  3. says

    Hi Therese,

    I am debating whether or not to write a full trip report. Trip reports are often more fun for the writer than the reader, if you know what I mean. But I do have some recommendations which I’d like to share.

    As for Taste of Chicago, I didn’t eat that much there and don’t have an opinion. There were some unusual offerings, though. One thing I remember was “pizza in a cone”.

  4. says

    Welcome back Anna! It sure does look like Fuzz had a great time! We loved the picture of her and “the old lady”… as if!

  5. Debbi says

    Just a thought about your debate on your trip report. Go ahead and write one up and have a link for it to read elsewhere. That way those who don’t care, don’t have to read it. I for one would love to hear about it. I love to hear about what people see and what interest’s them when they travel. I’ve barely been anywhere so it’s fun to hear about other places. Just a thought.

  6. says

    Amela, that’s a funny story. I’m sure it wasn’t too funny for you at the time — or maybe it was ;). I forgot all about Carol’s Cookies. Maybe I’ll order some.

    Debbi, that’s a good idea.

    Emilie, maybe you are thinking of Giordano’s pizza.

  7. lattelady says

    I thought you were away -no new recipes! Great photos – Fuzz is so cute in her zoo hat. Looks like Todd was eating the ‘ol 96er in the steak photo. What a nice vacation!

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