Goodbye Lady Bird

I’ve been feeling somewhat melancholy over Lady Bird’s death. A few times, I’ve found myself crying, which is strange considering I never knew her. But for some reason, I felt like I did. Maybe she reminded me of my grandmother or maybe I associate her with every wildflower I’ve come across hiking through fields or driving down roads in Texas. Or maybe it’s the stories my mom tells me about going to camp with the Johnson girls and meeting Lady Bird when she came to visit. As a kid, I was taken on numerous field trips to LBJ State Park and as a college student, I’d spend quiet afternoons exploring the LBJ Museum and library. When I left Texas, it was as if Lady Bird was with me because she also left her home state and of course, came back.

The funeral procession left downtown Austin this morning at 9:00 and headed toward Stonewall, for the burial. My house is on the way to Stonewall, so Fuzz and I staked out a place on the roadside to say goodbye to Lady Bird. I took a few pictures, but not nearly as many and I didn’t get the best picture of all – Lucy and Lynda waving their hands out the window and letting everyone know how much they appreciated the condolences. I have the picture in my mind at least, and will never forget it. I imagine they waved at people all the way to Stonewall.

On a happier note, a few people in the procession were sticking their hands out the windows doing “Hook-Em” horns! Lady Bird would have liked that. And as Fuzz reminded me today in the car, Lady Bird died “just in time” to meet my grandmother in Heaven.

We didn’t make this sign, but we enjoyed meeting the people who did. They’d been feeling sad too.


Here’s the beginning of the motorcade. After it started, I didn’t take pictures. I just waved at people. A black SUV followed, then came Lady Bird and the Johnson girls were right behind her….waving.

lbmotorcade coming.jpg

Here’s the motorcade heading up into the Hill Country.




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  1. sandra says

    Lady Bird was indeed a great lady. We were blessed to have her so long.

    Thanks for reminding me about Lace Cookies. Ever since I met my husband he’s been talking about these cookies that his mother used to make. I finally got up the nerve to try them out. Jimmy is in hog heaven today!!

  2. says

    Lady Bird was truly quite the lady. She makes one proud to be from Texas. She leaves such a legacy with the Texas wildflowers. How wonderful to be remembered in such a lovely way. So nice how many people paid their respects. Glad you were able to be one of them.

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