1. sandra says

    OMG!! A Cookie Madness cruise!! I AM THERE!! What a wonderful idea and a great way to meet each other….lol. Someone contact the Food Channel and they can cover it. BTW, things do happen in 3s. I worked in a hospital while in college and people pass away in 3s….kinda scary when you think about it. Oh gee its rainy AGAIN! I’m so sick of all this rain….

  2. says

    Therese, I am a huge Bobby Flay fan and have reservations at Mesa Grill. It’s not like he’s actually cooking there, though.

    Sandra, the weather here is crazy loco. It goes from sunny to rainy in 5 minutes.

    Therese, the cat story is freaky. I didn’t know about it until you mentioned it. I just told Todd about it and he saw it somewhere today. I guess it’s a big news story.

    What about Cookie Madness meet-up in Miami? We could go during the Food TV fest.

  3. Debbi says

    I agree with the comment about comfy shoes in Vegas. You probably will like to do a lot of walking. Is Fuzz going or is this just for the adults? My husband and I were married in Vegas. It was the tackiest, cheapest wedding in the world and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I hated the thought of a whole ceremony so Vegas suited me just fine. We stayed at the Riviera and were married at the tacky chapel right next door. Hope you have fun!

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