Z-Bars and Zoe Bars — Two Reviews

I mentioned earlier that Fuzz liked Z-Bars
then told you “more on that later”. Here’s the “more”.

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Fuzz introduced me to Z-Bars one evening in the nutrition bar aisle of H.E.B. grocery store. Having long given up the notion that Fuzz would eat nutrition bars, I was picking out a few for myself when she pointed at some brightly wrapped bars and shouted “Z-Bars! I like those.” “How do you know?” I asked. She told me she’d tried one at a friend’s house then requested I get her a chocolate. They also had chocolate chip and peanut butter, so at 59 cents each, I bought her a few different flavors. She ate the chocolate chip in the car then told me she wanted the chocolate brownie flavor for breakfast. Keep in mind, this is a child who in the past, would not go near any sort of marginally nutritious bar no matter how much advertising she saw. What she liked about the Z-bars was the taste and texture. Sure, she was introduced to it by a friend, but her friends eat other brands of nutrition bars and Fuzz never showed any interest.

Zoe Bars

The next day, back at the store buying more Z-Bars, I discovered another nutrition bar called “Zoe Bars” . I was lured in by the label which claimed the bars had 1300 mg Omega-3’s, 8 grams fat and 5 grams of fiber per 1 bar (200 calorie) serving. As a non-fish eater, I’ll take Omega 3’s wherever I can get them, so I put a couple of the $1.59 each Zoe bars in my basket with the Z-Bars. A few minutes later, in the cereal aisle, I found another Zoe product – a sweetened oat ring cereal flavored with honey and cinnamon. I bought a box of those as well. Like the Z-Bars, the cereal is loaded with omega-3’s. My Zoe stuff is gone and I’m going back for more. As a bonus, Zoe Foods is a women owned company, so rah, rah, rah on that front too.

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  1. says

    My kids love the Z bars. I can not wait to look for the Zoe Bars! I love healthy stuff, and women owned companies are pretty cool! I also do not eat fish, so this would be a great product for me!

  2. says

    Tori, I am literally heading out the door to buy more Zoe bars. They are so good. I highly recommend the cereal too. It has about 800 omega 3’s per serving and a serving is only about 120 calories. That is, you don’t have to eat 300 calories worth of cereal to get the Omega benefit. Oh, nice to meet a fellow non-fish eater. I feel bad about not liking fish, but I’ve tried and tried and just can’t deal with it.

  3. sandra says

    Hey guys, I’m not a fish eater either (say that 3 times real fast). I like shrimp but that’s about as far as I’ll go. I think my non-eating is psychological however. When I was younger my mother was so psycho about us picking the fish apart so we wouldn’t swallow any bones that I think I decided it was not worth all the effort. Add that to the fact that I hate that fishy smell.

  4. Heather says

    On your recommendation, I decided to try the ZBar and Zoe bars. Both my girls loved the ZBar (so did I!), but we weren’t as taken with the Zoe. I understand now why you were back at the store so quickly…I’m already wanting to go pick up some more of the ZBars for myself and the girls! I saw that the ZBar is labeled for kids, so I was wondering if you had found anything similar for adults in all your taste tests of nutrition bars. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the chewy texture and I think that’s why I liked the ZBars so much. Thanks so much for posting about them…even if I will be spending too much money on these things!

  5. says

    Sandra, that’s a funny story. I’m not averse to the bones — just the smell, texture and taste. I do think fish is pretty, though.Some of it 😉

    Heather, I’m glad to hear you liked the Z-Bars. Have you tried Odwalla Bars? A friend gave me one and I tried it this morning. The Odwalla bars were similar to the Z-Bars but with less of a fig taste. You’d probably like the texture. Also, there’s a new Odwalla bar (berry flavored) with 1,000 omega 3’s.

  6. says

    For some strange reason (don’t ask me why, ’cause I’m not a scientist!) the Z bars are vastly improved by a spell in the fridge.

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