Mascarpone Brownie Photo

This looks like a piece of fudge, but it’s not.  It’s a mascarpone brownie. Yum, huh? A new excuse to seek out mascarpone cheese.

I took the picture this morning with some natural light. Natural light does a lot for a brownie.

This is the brownie I saved for myself. I sent the rest to my husband’s office and am guessing a few people had mascarpone brownies for breakfast.

Also, the mascarpone was more pronounced the second day.  That is, I could actually taste it….and it was good.  So if you make these, make them a day ahead.

mascarpone brownie

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  1. says

    Hi Anonymous,

    It’s actually the same one from yesterday — the brownie from Recipezaar. I added another link to the recipe to make it less confusing. It’s a good recipe!

  2. says

    Anna that brownie looks amazing! It looks similar to Barefoot Contessa’s brownies in texture- os that right?

    I love the new look- very crisp and clean and easy to navigate.

  3. says

    Erika, I’m guessing you mean Barefoot Contessa’s Outrageous Brownies. I love that recipe, however, these are a bit different in texture. They’re softer and a bit fudgier.

    The only drawback to these brownies is they get rather soft out of the refrigerator. It’s not a problem if you plan on laying them out on a platter at home. However, if you pack them or try to carry them somewhere, lay them flat.

  4. Echo says

    personally if i were making these i might opt out of the pronounced and powerful, though obviously intoxicating flavors of chocolate in favor of the muted, subtle and sweet flavor of white chocolate…allowing the cocoa powder to bring just a mild chocolatyness to the mix…i might also try mixing some espresso into the ganache…tiramisu blondies ^.^

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