Halloween Party Notes

Fuzz loves Halloween. It’s her favorite holiday and she talks about it all year long. Her birthday was back in August and this year I said she must choose between having either a birthday party or a Halloween party. She chose Halloween and now I have to step up and start planning!

Halloween falls on a Wednesday, which is great because it leaves the previous weekend open for partying. After all, having a party on Halloween night can sometimes interfere with trick-or-treating and we take that seriously here.

I’ve been flipping through my collection of Taste of Home Halloween ideas and pointing to pictures of things I think Fuzz might like – gloves filled with popcorn, mousse filled chocolate Oreo ice cream cones made into witch hats and the ever popular pumpkin cake made with two Bundt cakes. Fuzz vetoed everything and said she wanted to serve hotdogs, chips and cupcakes which she’s decorated herself.

We’ve found a few interesting games. My favorite game ideas are

1. Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin: Blindfold the children and have them stick a paper stem on a big cut-out paper pumpkin which you’ve hung on the wall. Child who gets the stem closest to where it should go wins the prize.

2. Mummy Wrap: Break children up into teams of 2. Give each team a roll of toilet paper and say Go! One team member wraps the other team member from neck to to (no head) in toilet paper to make a mummy. First team that finishes wins.

3. Charades: Write character (witch/scarecrow/cat) on piece of paper. Put papers in a plastic pumpkin. Have one child draw a piece of paper and act out what the paper is (aka, charades).

4. Guess the Ghost: Send all the kids except for one into a separate room. Cover one of them with a blanket and bring them out into a room to meet the child who has been deemed “Guesser”. The “guesser” tries to guess who the ghost is. She gets XX number of tries and a point for each try. After guessing, the ghost child becomes the Guesser and the previous Guesser goes into the holding room with the other kids. In the end, the kid with the fewest points (fewest number of guesses) wins. Todd doesn’t like this game because he thinks the kids in the holding room will get bored.

These are my favorite game ideas so far. If you have any favorites, let me know. This is our first real night-time Halloween party and I’m nervous.

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  1. says

    It sounds like a blast!

    A couple years ago we made some chocolate cat cookie faces on a stick (candy corn eyes!) – they were a hit and fun to make!

  2. Mollie says

    I always loved the popcorn hands with candy corn nails when I was younger! I thought those were the coolest! You could go with the blindfolding them and having them stick their hands in bowls of “eyeballs” (peeled grapes) “brains” (cold cooked spaghetti) and fingers (cold baby carrots).

    Also, I would recommend doing the mummy wrap before eating any sort of food or snacks. You know there will be at least one group of kids who insist on spinning in a circle to get it done quickly. And we all know what happens when you mix full tummies and spinning around/getting dizzy.

    Don’t be nervous, have fun with it! The kids will have a blast!!

    : )

  3. Therese says

    Oh what fun!!!!

    I love Fall and Halloween too!! The leaves are starting to turn in Wisconsin….it’s lovely!

    The party sounds like a blast!!! Anna have you seen the chocolate pumpkin cake on the cover of the October issue of Country Living? OH…that would be a fun and festive cake for your Halloween B-day party.
    Another idea…go to your local Target..in the dollar section of the store they have the neatest coolest halloweeny stuff! Like boa feather tin halloween containers that you could fill with take home treats for your guests! They also have a Scary Sounds of Halloween CD for a buck!


  4. says

    Carole, hope to see you there! Better start checking air fare. Oh, and bring cool clothes because it’s still 90 degrees here. GRRRRRRRR.

    Joe, we’re really into cats around here. Plus, I have a good cats on stick recipe. Excellent. Thank you.

    Mollie, good tip on the spinning. Not sure if I’m going to do the food/guts game….but maybe.

    Therese, I need to go to Dollar Stop at Target before it gets pillaged and plundered by denizens of suburbia. I’ll probably go today.

    Thanks for the reminder on that Country Living Cake! It looks a lot like Rebecca Rather’s Tuxedo cake, but with orange….however I believe the Country Living Cake has pumpkin in the batter. Here’s a picture of Rebecca Rather’s Cake (with recipe!). Try to visualize this with orange instead of white. Creepy!


  5. Kelly says

    No Halloween party is complete without bobbing for apples! haha I don’t think it is the most sanitary game created, though!

  6. says

    Hi Kelly,

    I love the idea of apple bobbing, but you are right about the sanitation issue. There’s some similar game that involves hanging glazed donuts from yarn, but I forgot how it goes….

  7. Mollie says


    The glazed donuts on a string is lots of fun! Although it works a little better with old fashioned ones since they’re not as messy. You take a long piece of sturdy yarn (string’s too flimsy) and tie donuts at approximately 3 foot intervals so the kiddos have enough wiggle room. Make sure it’s at a height that will be low enough so they can easily reach the donuts. (If you have kids with a wide range of heights, tie one end higher than the other and arrange them by height.) Then each kid has their hands tied behind their backs. Have them all start at the same time and see who can eat their donut the quickest without dropping it on the ground!

    This is also a fun one to do like a relay race with older kids/adults.

    Have fun with your party!

    : )

  8. says

    Hmmmmmm. Mollie, I think maybe I will be able to do the doughnut on a string game. We have a balcony/ledge over our foyer, so I could hang doughnuts off the ledge somehow.

  9. A says

    We always have a room with a black light and lead our kids through it as though it was a haunted house. They have to walk through and feel into containers (we usually set them under a tea towel or put them above their heads so they cant see) that are filled with eyeballs (peeled grapes), brains (cold noodles) and whatnot

  10. says

    I thought of you this morning as I watched Witch Crafts on DIY. They are doing all kinds of great Halloween crafts/recipes/games. There have been some good ones. The caramel apples had me drooling this morning. 🙂

  11. says

    My daughter has an October Birthday, so we always do Halloween themed parties! Here are some some favorites. Dunking for Apples. The kids LOVED it. They BEGGED to do it over and over again! I was really shocked. Just have them bring an extra dry t shirt! We also carved pumpkins! Messy, but OH SO FUN! We just bought those safe kits and had a bunch of adult helpers! (and we did it outside!) You can also decorate pumpkins. Michaels also has some really cute craft projects right now… Have fun! I love Halloween! If you get the neighbors involved you could do some sort of scavanger hunt?

  12. Cissy says

    We had a halloween party a few years ago and I don’t remember where we got all the ideas from, but all the food was based on bugs and spiders… We made little ritz cracker and peanut butter sandwiches and had chow mein noodles coming out of the sides for legs, then I piped a tiny dab of peanut butter and attached mini chocolate chips for eyes… Very cute. Another thing we did was wrap little coctail weiners with breadstick dough and bake them. Then, immediately after taking them out of the oven poked those crispy little shoe string potatoes into their “bodies” for legs and piped ketchup eyes on their “faces”. 🙂

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