Monster Rice Krispy Treats Etc.

Fuzz’s Halloween party is today.  I told myself from the start that I was not going to obsess over menus or worry about preparing an array amazing Halloween treats. Instead, the focus will be on games, prizes and simple foods kids want – like hot dogs or pizza, fresh fruit, Rice Krispy Treats and Ghosts in the Graveyard.

I’m sort of embarrassed to admit I’ve never made Ghosts in the Graveyard because like that horrible Kitty Litter Cake and dirt cups, it’s one of the first treats people think about for Halloween parties. But kids love it and I was secretly looking for an excuse to buy Cameo cookies….which really do look like gravestones. 

So my chores today are to make a Ghost in the Graveyard and decorate the house. I started making the Rice Krispy Treats yesterday evening and had a last minute idea (inspired by these) to put them on sticks and make them into monsters. I’ve only made 3 so far and am debating wheter I should continue because I am not impressed with my work.  But maybe I’ll get the hang of it after I make a few more.  Or maybe I should do it like Long Grove Confectionary did and use chocolate or candy coating instead of canned icing!

Monster Family

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  1. Therese says

    I think your cookies are adorable!!! I think the kids will love them. Have fun with it!

    I made the big oatmeal cookies with the maple syrup…OMG…they are really, really good!!
    I toasted the walnuts as suggested by you and something about toasting…just an extra delicious touch!

  2. says

    Oh – I think they are CUTE! I think the kids will love them. The colors are great, and I love the candy corn “horns” – the eyes are fantastic. I say just go with it!

    AK can’t wait – ack, I still need to make her costume ….


  3. says

    Therese, if you liked that recipe, you should by the Big Fat Cookies book.

    Rachel, this was a last minute effort and I just used stuff I could find around the kitchen. I made these at the same time I was making dinner. I’m thinking if I took some time and planned everything out, I could do a better job.

  4. Sue says

    I think they’re really cute, and I’m betting the kids will think so too. It will be a great party! Have fun!

  5. Angie says

    Anna…dont change a thing! They are really god looking…and using chocolate to dip then in is overkill! There will be plenty of chocolate without dipping the Rice Krispy treat in it. The party will be great….kids will not obsess about the food…they will just have fun…beleive me!

  6. Laura says

    Hi, Anna!

    Those are great! They remind me of Sesame Street monsters. The kids will love them!

    A friend recently told me about your blog and I just love it! I’m going to make some cookies this weekend. Thanks so much for the inspiration! : )

  7. Amy in Alaska says

    I think the kids will like them as is too. And I can’t believe I never knew that Long Grove chocolate factory was in Buffalo Grove. It’s 10 minutes from my husband’s parents, and all those years we go back to visit them. . .ack! I am so going next year.

  8. Therese says


    OOOHHH…YUCK. My son Corey (age 12) and I JUST viewed the Kitty Litter Cake that you had a link to….OMG…GROSS ME OUT! My son thought it looked so real!
    We then investigated furthur on that same link…oh man..did you check out the bleeding brains. I think it was a peanut butter gelatin with strawberry jam oozing out. That was so yucky too!!! Just thinking of peanut butter gelatin makes my stomach turn! tip to you. Don’t clean till AFTER the party. Kids will make a bigger mess and then you only have to clean once. This advice was given to me by my mom. Just have fun!!!!

  9. says

    I just went crazy and threw the monsters away. I know they were kind of cute with the big eyes, but the bugged me and I couldn’t look at them anymore. Besides, I’ve suddenly become very busy today and won’t have time to make 7 or 8 more.

  10. says

    Therese, it’s too late. I already cleaned up. And by “I” I mean the housekeeping team that comes in once a month. I tend to make things messier when I try to clean.

    I didn’t even look at the rest of that revolting link. Blech.

  11. says

    Have fun with the party tonight Anna – I can only imagine how much fun Fuzz and her friends will have! Take some time and relax so you can have some fun with them!

  12. Marie says

    The cookies look great and popsicle sticks make it easier for folks to eat. good luck with it all.


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