Sue’s Pumpkin Cookies

Last week, a reader named Sue sent me her pumpkin walnut cookie recipe saying it was “a little bit different” and that it had become her family’s favorite. After tasting one, I think the key to the good flavor is the lemon, which brings out the other flavors without overpowering them.

sue's pumpkin cookies

Sue’s Pumpkin Cookies are moist and cakey. They taste good alone, but I prefer them with frosting and was glad Sue included her recipe. Just for fun, I also tried the cookies with a brown butter glaze. I’m only telling you that because the picture shows some of the cookies with glaze. But for these, Sue’s soft and creamy frosting works better. Finally, all I had on hand was pecans. While I’m looking forward to trying these with walnuts, the lemon flavor really worked well the pecans.

Sue’s Pumpkin Cookies (Makes 2 1/2 – 3 Dozen)

1/2 c. butter
1 1/2 c. brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 c. canned pumpkin
1 t. vanilla
1 tsp. grated lemon peel
1 tsp. lemon juice
2 1/2 c. flour
3 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 1/2 t. pumpkin pie spice
1/4 t. ginger
1 c. chopped walnuts
Candy corn, and walnut pieces (optional)

Cream butter and sugar. Beat in eggs, one at a time. Stir in pumpkin, vanilla, lemon peel and lemon juice. Gradually add dry ingredients until well blended. Stir in walnuts. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto lightly greased cookie sheets. Bake at 375 for 12-14 minutes. When cool, frost with Buttercream Frosting. Decorate frosted cookies with wanut pieces and candy corn if desired.

Buttercream Frosting

1/3 c. soft butter
2-3 c. powdered sugar (Sue’s recipe said 3, I only needed 2)
1 1/2 t. vanilla
2 T. cream

Blend butter and sugar. Stir in vanilla and cream; beat until smooth.

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  1. Sue says

    Hi Anna!
    I’m glad that you decided to try the cookies, and liked them.
    I’ve had baking on the brain all day today. The next cookies on my list are the ones you wrote about with the Bailey’s and macadamia nuts, but I know that my son would prefer that I make the pumpkin cookies.

  2. says

    UMMM… the cookies look great, but I’ve been meaning to tell you: That picture of your daughter(?) on the upper left above the “categories” list is just hysterical! Cracks me up every time I check your page!
    Well, I’ll go back to lurking…….

  3. says

    JEP, they are really good.

    Sue, the Bailey’s cookies are awesome, but these are so much more seasonal.

    Mary, thanks for the comment about Fuzz. That picture pretty much sums up her whole personality. Unfortunately, she seems to be sick. She has a high fever and is feeling very, very tired this evening 🙁

  4. Shirley says

    I have made these pumpkin cookies for many years. I add raisins and also put lemon zest in the frosting. I also use pecans rather than walnuts. I just love them, they are my families favorite, especially at christmas….

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