Halloween Report

Here are the costumes. Fuzz was a butterfly and Todd went as himself.

Fuzz and Dracula

Okay, not really. He wanted to be Admiral Horatio Nelson, but didn’t have time to hunt down a British Naval uniform and had to go as Dracula.

After some goofing around…..

butterfly costume

….they walked across the street to pick up Emma’s friend, then started going to door to door. It was a nice night and many families were passing out candy from lawn chairs set in driveways.

About an hour later, the girls came back with 2 bags of candy. One of the bags weighed 6 pounds!


Fuzz ate a few pieces and went to bed. After she left for school this morning, I did an inventory. First, I put all of the non-chocolate candies in a “no-interest-to-me” pile. That candy will be around until next year.

The breakdown of good stuff was, from highest % to lowest was as follows:

Hershey Bars
Malted Milk Balls
Equal distribution of Three Musketeers, Almond Joy, Milky Way
One each Junior Mints, Take 5 Bar (my favorite), and O’Henry!.

Guess I won’t be making any Junior Mint or Oh Henry! cakes…..which is sort of a relief.

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  1. says

    Sounds like she made quite the haul! Cute pictures – I even think I spy a 100 calorie snack pack in there… good idea!

  2. Donna S says

    I remember when my children were both in first grade they had to make a chart showing the amounts of all their candy. That made for a late bedtime those years. My youngest went off to college this fall so for the first time in 21 years there is no halloween candy. Yes she went trick or treating until she went off to college. In my book if a high school student wants to dress up and go out with cousins, aunts and uncles it is ok with me.

    Enjoy the years of you still have ahead of you!

  3. says

    Joe, I think maybe someone ran out of candy ;). Then again, I like those little snack packs too. Not a bad idea, but it might be kind of expensive to give all the kids those packs.

    I wonder if people who work for Kellogg’s and General Mills give out little boxes of cereal?

    Jen, I dressed like a mom with a camera.

    Donna, I like teenage trick-or-treaters. They’re usually very polite and I have fun trying seeing what theire costumes are. They’re either super lazy “mess up hair and say I’m a hobo” or very creative…like characters from movies.

    Next year, I’m going to make Emma do a chart.

  4. says

    I’m still amazed that Emma lets you at her candy at all. I got a very stern admonition from Abigail this morning that her treat bucket was off limits until she got home from school. I’m amazed at all the chocolate- our neighbors were not cheap this year.

  5. says

    *Sigh* I miss trick-or-treating. We only had ONE trick-or-treater. I can’t believe that.
    I’m looking forward to all of the Reese’s and Snickers cakes/cookies you’re going to make. Love Reese’s.
    I’ve never had a Take 5 bar.

  6. Kristin W says

    Take 5 ought to be a controlled substance. Those things are SO good. It’s just wrong. Evil. Sweet, salty, chocolatey evil.

    Fuzz hit the motherlode of all trick-or-treat houses — word always got around QUICKLY if somebody was giving out full-sized Hershey bars!

  7. says

    First off, the giant Hershey bar was from my next door neighbor and those were only given out to *special* trick or treaters.

    Emilie, Take 5’s are the best! They are have a layer of pretzels topped with caramel, peanut butter and chocolate. Kristin summed it up.

  8. says

    Very cute butterfly! (and dracula).
    As the parent of a former child who savored her candy for months- she would still have Halloween candy left at Christmas- it is EXTREMELY important to separate chocolate from non-chocolate candies as soon as possible!
    Nothing tastes more revolting than a chocolate bar that has absorbed 2 months worth of the aroma of fruit-flavored candy while being stored in the same zipbag.
    I should know- my Xmas stocking would be topped off with these “treats” until she stopped trick-or-treating. Yuck!

  9. Sarah says

    Oh yea, someone was giving away the good giant chocolate bar’s that year! No one will be egging that house, thats for sure.

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