Martha Stewart Cookie Tower

Here’s a picture of the Marth Stewart cookie tower packaging mentioned earlier.  They’re as cute as can be, but a little trickier to fold than the treat boxes.  Mine is slightly lop-sided, but this was the first one I did.  I gave this to Average Jane Crafter.  She thought it was cute and didn’t mind the lop-sided way I built it.

Earlier today, a commenter asked for a cakey cookie recipe.  It motivated me to try Martha’s cakey cookie, which comes with the treat boxes.  The cookies are the perfect size and texture for these boxes.

cookiew tower/>

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  1. says

    I’ll have to try out that recipe. I have some of these boxes sitting in my pantry just waiting to be used. I can’t wait to start giving out holiday goodies!

  2. Chelsea says

    Those cookies look soo yummy… lol. I’d make some if I didn’t still have to make dinner! 😉
    Thanx for the posts w/the pictures of the boxes, I’m doing baked goods for Christmas, and those are perfect!

  3. says

    I hadn’t even noticed the lop-sided thing! 😉 The box is so cool. Did it come with the little papers that you put between each cookie?

    And the cookies are soooooo yummy. I’ve had two, and the only thing keeping me from scarfing down the whole tower is that I don’t want to *completely* undo my trip to the gym this afternoon …

    but they are sooooo goooooood……



  4. says

    Jennifer, Bake or Break looks great! I love the new design.

    Chelsea, you can order them on-line or just buy them at Michael’s. And yes, cookies are more fun to make than dinner….usually.

    Rachel, yes! The little parchment squares came with it. Like the treat boxes, these were easy to put together and cute. The kit also came with plenty of labels. Glad you liked the cookies.

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