National Bundt Cake Day!

It’s National Bundt Cake Day, so make a Bundt cake!  The applesauce chocolate chip cinnamon cake from Food & Wine is a good choice and there are some interesting sounding contest winners on

And don’t forget the most famous Bundt cake of all, the Tunnel of Fudge.

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  1. says

    I will not touch the Tunnel of Fudge cake for the same reasons I will not order the Dirty Sanchez taco at Torchy’s — my dirty mind ruins everything.

  2. Jackie says

    I am in the mood for baking so in honor of National Bundt Day (thanks for the reminder) I will attempt to make the Tunnel of Fudge cake. My family will be happy as I haven’t baked for ages.

  3. Therese says

    Hi Anna!

    Hey…guess what? One of the bundt winners…Caramel-Copia Thanksgiving Cake is from Hortonville, Wisconsin. Not to far from where I live. There was a little article in our local newspaper last night. Cool…huh?

    I think they now move on and compete in San Francisco.

  4. Jilly says

    OK, Anna you are my hero. I was impressed with the Pillsbury win and intrigued by your blog. (I’ve never even read a blog until I read about yours last week!!!!) But a link to the historic Tunnel of Fudge cake has me a fan for life!!!! BTW, I tried your Frito Candy this weekend and it was fabulous!!! I shared it with my neighbor and she’s already asked for a copy of the recipe. I thoroughly enjoy your daily post. I look forward to see what you’ve posted each day. Thanks for giving us a chance to see a glimpse of your world. We certainly enjoy it. Here’s to the happiest of holidays for you and your family. jilly from Salado

  5. says

    I want to make the “Mint Mountains” cake, but I don’t have the pan. I think I’m to cheap to buy it. I think the Dad’s Coffee cake sounds good. My dad drinks at least a pot of coffee a day, so maybe he would like it.

  6. says

    Melanie, maybe you should see a hypnotist to cleanse your dirty mind ;).

    Jackie, let me know if you make it. It’s a pretty easy cake. Just don’t read Melanie’s comment.

    Therese, I believe the final competition already happened in San Francisco and the mint cake won. I’d be more excited about it if I liked mint. The cake I want to make is the whiskey cake.

    Carla, make sure you bring it back with you!

    Jilly, thanks for the nice comment and for reading Cookie Madness. Glad you liked the Frito stuff and hope it becomes all the rage in Salado.

    Emiline, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate espresso cake.

  7. Jackie says


    I made the Tunnel of Fudge cake. Even though I sprayed the pan well part of it stuck so it didn’t look pretty but it got rave reviews. My Emma took a big slice and couldn’t finish it as she didn’t realize how rich it is. But she wasn’t complaining!


  8. Jackie says

    Thanks for the tip Anna. I will try it next time. I have a lot of Bundt pans and now that I’m finally in my own kitchen I should start using them more often. I’m sure my family won’t complain if I do more baking!

  9. says

    I know I sound like some kind of ad for Pam for Baking, itt’s disconcerting to put a lot of work into a cake and have it break. The Pam for Baking prevents that. I believe Crisco has a flour-added spray too. I should give that a try too.

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