1. says

    That was my reaction when I got my espresso maker (although my dad accidentally let it slip when he asked me last week what kind of coffee an espresso maker takes). Merry Christmas Anna!! :)

  2. carole says

    Merry Christmas to the entire Ginsberg family. Glad you had a change of heart about quitting the blog. Best Christmas gift you could give to all your faithful readers.

  3. says

    Carla, Merry Christmas to you!

    Carole, do you mean you weren’t excited about the skin care blog???? 😉 Happy Holidays to you.

    We are so lazy today. It’s 2:00 and we’re still in our pajamas.

  4. Adare says

    Oh My Goodness!! My kids got the same exact thing (red, too). With Pokemon games. They were on the ceiling, so blissed out. Isn’t it great to watch the reaction??

    P.S. We finally changed out of our PJs at about 2. The weather is too gorgeous outside – we had to get out and play!

    P.P.S. All of our cookies were a big hit this year. Here’s to a healthy and tasty 2008!

  5. Michelle W. in Calif. says

    Cute! My daughter got one last year for Christmas (a pink one), so this year she got some new games for it. As she gets older, the things she wants get smaller & more pricey!!!! (The DS games run about $30 a pop!)
    Hope everyone had a great holiday! (we did)

  6. says

    And that would be defined as “speechless”-
    too precious for words! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing; my 19-year-old’s reactions to her own gifts …ahem… paled in comparison.

  7. says

    Amy, it’s a Nintendo DS. She’d been wanting one for months. It’s fun when kids reach the age where they truly appreciate a present rather than play with it for 10 minutes then forget about it

    Fuzz lives in her own fantasy Pokemon world, so she wanted the Nintendo mainly to play Pokemon games. She and Todd have been playing it practically non-stop for the past 24 hours. Todd figured out how to use its Wi Fi connection, so now they are trading captured Pokemon charaters with real people. Last night they traded a Pachirisu for a Ponyta with a girl in Bolivia.

    This is similar to when I was a kid and my dad and went crazy over Pong….then came Atari.

  8. Therese says

    Merry Christmas!

    Fuzz’s reaction….just priceless!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family from ours!!

  9. says

    Thats so cute. My niece( who’s 9) lives on that thing. We bought her the master chef game this year, but havent seen her yet to give it to her( we were in FL). She’s going to be very excited.

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