It’s That Time of Year

Yikes. I didn’t bake a new cookie today. Hopefully I’ll catch up tomorrow.

The big news is that Girl Scout Cookie sales begin soon. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to pick up all the cookies for our troop. Sales don’t officially begin until Jan. 19th, but the girls are excited. They are all first year Brownies and Rachel and I have been trying to explain why we sell cookies and what it all means. In our case, money earned goes toward a trip to Sea World. Everything was kind of murky for the girls, until our last meeting where we made them do some improvisation. One girl would play customer and the other would be the Brownie trying to sell cookies. It was amazing how fast the girls picked up on things through improv. I could have told them 100 times “Cookies are $3.50 a box” and they never would have remembered, but when they had to use ‘$3.50 a box” in their little improvised scenes, they remembered the price immediately.

So anyway, be on the look-out for Brownies and Girl Scouts. Also, if you have any great recipe using Girl Scout cookies, let me know.

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  1. Christy says

    Anna (or anyone), Just curious what your favorite Girl Scout cookies are? I just ordered the Lemonades and the Peanut Butter Patties. When I knew my favorite Girl Scout was on her way over, I checked out the cookies on their website. I didn’t realize the cookies varied by your particular area. Just thought that was interesting.

  2. says

    Ohhh… I love Girl Scout Cookie season (Thin Mint happiness!). I just wish I knew a Girl Scout so I’d have guaranteed access rather than hoping I run into one. 🙂

  3. says

    This time of year is the bane of existence to those of us who a.) are on Weight Watchers yet b.) have a lifetime devotion to the Almighty Thin Mint and those cookies that used to be called Samoas.

  4. says

    Melanie, there’s a new cookie this year called “Cinnaspins”. Like a lot of today’s snacks, they come in portion controlled 100 calorie packed. I was skeptical when I first tried them, but they’re very, very good.

  5. Laurie L says

    Cinnaspins look good! And according to my Weight Watchers calculations they are two points per serving. Let’s face it. At 1 point per Thin Mint they are no WW bargain! My daughter is selling them too but they are $4.00 per box here in Massachusetts. My Lily is shooting for 125 boxes and is nearly there. Good Luck to all of the Girl Scouts in their efforts! Laurie

  6. Sue says

    I absolutely love Thin Mints. I also used to like the peanut butter sandwich cookies. I wonder if they still sell those? I can’t remember from last year. My brain can only think, Thin Mints, Thin Mints. Every year, I vow to make a donation to the Girl Scout Troops instead of buying the cookies, but what fun is that for the girls!?
    I used to really like the shortbread cookies too, but they changed the recipe a number of years ago and they’re just not the same any more.
    It never occurred to me to use the cookies in a recipe! They’re so good as is!

  7. says

    I usually get Thin Mints and Tagalongs. Do they also do a cookie with lemon and maybe powder sugar? I seem to remember that from years ago, but it could be something else.

  8. Therese says


    Nothing can beat those thin mints straight for the freezer!!!
    I will pass along some GS recipes soon. Our local chapter is having a baking competition using GS cookies. I will pass the info along when I get it!!

    Hey….Good Luck with the Football playoffs! Are you a Cowboy’s fan????? Good Luck!! The Packers are playing this afternoon!! I am pumped for the game!!

  9. says

    Brenda, we’re not allowed to start selling ours until Jan. 19th.

    Christy, I think my favorite are probably the peanut butter patties (formerly Tagalongs). They use to have a fudge patty that was really good, but they discontinued it. I also like the Thanks-a-Lot Cookies. But really, I like them all. Fuzz’s favorite are the caramel delights (formerly Samoas). Todd likes Thin Mints.

    Michelle, if you have problems finding a scout, let me know. I can help!

    Melanie, what I’d do if I were on a diet is eat 1 Girl Scout cookie of your choice and 1 banana or piece of fruit. That way you get the taste and full effect of the Girl Scout cookie and the health benefits (and bulk) from the fruit. Eat the fruit first. Or make yourself a big Alba 77 (or is it 66?) shake and drink that. THEN eat the one Girl Scout cookie.

    Laurie, ours are $3.50 a box. What gets me is the girls only get about 35 cents per box.

    Sue, yes! They still have peanut butter sandwich cookies. Also, feel free to make a donation. Let the girls keep the cookies for themselves or tell them to send a box to the troops. Our girls are making a box for soldiers.

    Alicia, you must be thinking of the lemonade sandwich cookies. They’re very good!

    Therese, I can’t wait to see those recipes. I’ll make one and post a picture. Also, I only follow the Cowboys when one of them is dating Jessica Simpson.

  10. says

    Hi Anna:

    I have checking in on your blogspot for a while and have been inspired by you to start a blog of my own. I’d love to put a link to your blog up on mine. Let me know if you would be cool with that.

    Love your site—Your pictures always make me hungry


  11. kate says

    Hi Anna,
    Somehow I ended up with way too many Thin Mints last year (I know—how is it possible to have too many Thin Mints???). I chunked them up and mixed them into some brownies. They were very well received by all who chewed.

  12. Adare says

    We so look forward to this GS cookie season – it’s a lot of work to go out and sell, but my daughter loves the summer Girl Scout camps, so she has a big incentive!

    Did you know that many of the cookies are the same around the country, but the names differ according to the bakery that makes them? For example, here in TX we have PB Patties, Caramel Delites, Shortbreads, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and those very same cookies are sold in other parts of the country as Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils, and Do-si-dos.

    Last year, after our cookie season ended, we were in AZ. The girls there were still selling, and half of their varieties were totally different from ours. They had some brownie-type cookies and the Thanks-A-Lot were completely different.

    Good luck, all you Girl Scouts! And thanks to everyone who buys or donates and supports scouting!

  13. says

    thanks for the heads up on the girl scout cookies. i always seem to think of them a little too late every year, so now i’ll know to keep an eye out!

  14. says

    Good luck on the cookie sales! The Girl Scouts in our area sell them in the fall, so it’s one of our family traditions to eat Girl Scout cookies while we decorate the Christmas tree. I love the peanut butter patties!

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