Lemony Sage & Basil Cookies

I was a little worried we’d be up to our ears in Girl Scout Cookies and that I’d have to make loads and loads of Ice Box Cakes, Thin Mint Crusted Pies, and Girl Scout Cookie Trifles.

Not the case.

Fuzz and her pal AK stood in front of Sam’s Wholesale Club Saturday night and sold 70 boxes. That’s only 35 boxes each, but it helped Fuzz’s overall sales and between that and sales to friends and family, she’s almost exceeded her goal. Next year we’ll aim higher, but this was all new to us. Now we are waiting to see how the rest of the girls in the troop do. There are Brownies on every street corner and the girls are doing their best in a saturated market. Luckily, the cookies are super-good this year and people keep wanting more.


But I’m back to making cookies here at home. Today’s been busy, so I’ve skipped a day, but I do have a recipe in the line-up and it’s a prize winner.

These cookies were created by Janice Elder, who entered them into a contest sponsored by Freixe champagne. The champagne company liked them so much they gave Janice a trip to Sonoma. Since the recipe is brand new, I’m linking directly to it. If weeks go by and this link doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll post the recipe right here.

I was going to make these today, but my herb garden froze over and I have a hard time forking over $5.00 for fresh herbs when just a few weeks ago, I had a whole garden full of sage and basil. If anyone makes these and wants to share a picture, let me know.

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  1. says

    In about a month when our GS cookies come in I will be swimming in cookie boxes. I think we are up to almost 300 boxes sold…which was my daughter’s goal!
    I can’t wait to try out the pie recipe you posted the other day!

  2. says

    Girl Scout cookie trifle sounds interesting! I’ve been dreaming up a trifle recipe involving chocolate pudding, brownies and coffee mousse.

  3. Kay says

    Hi Anna – love your website! Wanted to share a cookie recipe that I just discovered over the holidays. I received these as a gift and fell in love with this delicous little treat. I brought them to the office and everyone raved over them. My kids would not stop eating them ( I was trying to make them for gifts over the holidays!) They are light and very lemony! Enjoy!


    Yield 4-6 dozen

    2 c. margarine
    2/3 c. powdered sugar
    2 c. unsifted flour
    1-1/3 c. unsifted cornstarch

    Lemon Icing

    6 tbl. margarine
    1 box powdered sugar
    Lemon juice for consistency
    Lemon rind (optional)

    Cream margarine and sugar. Sift in flour and cornstarch. Mix well. Drop by small teaspoonful on un-greased cookie sheet about one inch apart. Bake for 15 minutes at 350. Do not brown. Cool and ice.

    To prepare icing, cream margarine and powdered sugar, adding lemon juice for consistency. Lemon rind may be added if desired. This recipe may be baked ahead
    and frozen. Best if eaten within 2-3 days after baking.

  4. Therese says


    I think her cookie sales are amazing! Go Fuzz!!
    I think anyone who passes by a Girl Scout selling outa be pinched! How can you say no to a Girl Scout??!! It is the same as the Salvation Army Red Bucket….sheesh…I am on my soap box now!!

    I have purchased about 12 boxes of cookies thus far…YIKES!

    Funny you should post a recipe using herbs! I rarely watch Martha Stewart and she was cooking with herb infused teas!!

    I sorry your herbs JUST freezed over??!! WOW! I think mine froze over 2 1/2 months ago…but, I live in Wisconsin!! It is brrrrrrrr cold here! This recipe looks DIVINE!!!!


  5. Jennie says

    Hi Ana–

    I faithfully read your blog and just love it! I was convinced to post for the first time, as I was just coerced into buying some girl scout cookies. My diet currently is preventing me from indulging, so I found this website with tons of recipes


    They had tons. Hope you can share!

  6. says

    Brenda, that’s about 200 more cookies than our goal.

    Lisa, let me know when you test out your dream recipe. Or maybe you just need to make a mocha brownie pie. Cooking Light has a good one. If you see this, remind me and I’ll send you the link to the recipe.

    Kay, those look fantastic. I’m trying to visualize them, but having trouble because they don’t look like cookies that would spread, yet they are iced. Guess I’ll have to try them. I will use butter in place of margarine.

    Therese, now I feel bad about not posting more GS cookie recipes. Sounds like you’ll be needing some. Then again, thanks to JENNIE for posting that link.

    Jennie, thanks! That’s a nice list. It’s kind of fun to see the different type of Girl Scout cookies available. I guess some of those are old ones.

  7. says

    Anna, I was curious about the mocha brownie pie and I went ahead and googled it. You’re right — this is pretty much the same as my trifle idea only in pie form. Now, which one to make……

  8. says

    Those herb cookies sound really good. Of course, I figured they had to contain champagne, but I guess they were going for champagne-friendly treats. Either way, yum. I hate spending money on herbs too! I dont’ have to worry about freeze in FL, but I only have a few pots on the windowsill since I don’t have a backyard!

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