1. Sue says

    Oh my! Her entry from Dec. 20th is enough to make my head spin!!!!!
    She’s always made me feel a bit inadequate, but good grief, now there’s no question that I am!!

  2. says

    This is late, but I think that Thin Mints make a darn good crust for a chocolate silk pie. I just use about 1/2-3/4 Thin Mints instead of the chocolate cookie crumbs and make the pie as usual. My friend Tara likes this for her birthday cake. : ) We call it “Chocolate Shoney’s Pie.”

  3. says

    Yeah, but once you get over the inadequacy, don’t you feel a bit inspired? I see it as healthy aspiration.

    Steph, the Thin Mints made a great crust for the mint pie. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with Caramel Delights. There are lots of options for different types of cookies. What I’m finding is I just want to eat them plain right now. It’s only Day 2, though.

  4. Sue says

    I’ve tried a number of Martha recipes and they’re always very good. Somewhere amongst the saved clippings and magazines there is a recipe for caramel that makes every caramel I’ve had before or since pale in comparison.

    I would need a full time staff (which I’m sure she has) to accomplish the kind of candy output she describes on her blog for Dec. 20th. As soon as I get a full time housekeeper, gardener, personal secretary, and become independently wealthy, then I can aspire to Martha’s greatness. 🙂 For now I have to keep at the day job, and try the occasional recipe when time allows.

  5. says

    I’ll bet the Caramel Delights would make a nice crust too. Maybe with a nice custardy or butterscotch pie? You’d need to freeze them to break them apart and cover the exposed crust to keep them from burning, though.

  6. says

    I think it’s funny that the comments here are taking the pattern Martha/Girl Scout Pie/Marth/Girl Scout Pie/Martha.

    Randi, yes. I think she writes it. She says she has help, which is no surprise….I could use some help editing too! Maybe she scratches it down on a yellow note pad and someone types it up and proofs it for her?

  7. says

    She has said on her show a few times that she’s hired people who write for her on the blog, but didn’t say if it is for every post. Anna’s got a good point – I could easily see her just jotting down notes and having others write it up for her approval.

  8. Marcie says

    Thanks for the link. I had no idea her mother died. She always seemed like such a nice lady.

    I miss Martha’s old show. I tried getting into the new one and I just couldn’t.

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