WearEver AirBake Ultra Extreme Cookie Challenge

It’s Friday and I feel like making something really great. But first, here’s a heads-up on a contest a lot of Cookie Madness readers might want to take a shot at. The catch is, you’ll need a young partner (between 5 and 15) with a wild imagination and Mad Cookie Baking Skills! basic kitchen skills.

WearEver, the company who makes insulated baking pans (AirBake Ultra!) is hosting their big parent/child cookie baking challenge. Five of the tastiest, wackiest recipes will be flown to New York to compete in a live cookie baking contest hosted by Noah Gray-Cabey, who plays Micah on Heroes. Four runners-up will receive a $1,000 savings bond and the Grand Prize winner wins a $10,000 savings bond.

A few of Cookie Madness’s friends competed in this contest and there are pictures to prove it. The link also includes recipes from past winners, which should help put you on the right track.

DEADLINE: JANUARY 31st 2008.  Yikes.

Yes, it’s around the corner, but working under pressure can be good sometimes.

Here’s a link to the rules and a few more details about how to enter. Have fun!

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  1. Debbi says

    Oh, my 8 year old would love to enter this with me. I just don’t know if I can be that creative in just a week. He actually just had an idea for putting popcorn in a cookie but I think that he thinks that it will still be crunchy like popcorn, not soggy like it would probably turn out.

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