Grapefruit Coconut Angel Pie Picture

Here’s the Grapefruit and Coconut Angel Pie from last night. The picture’s not that great because I took it rather hastily during an Academy Awards commercial break. And how about those Oscars, eh? I was happy with all the winners, even though a lot few of them weren’t on my picks list. This year, I’m going to watch more “live action documentary shorts” so I’ll be better at picking winners next year. But back to the pie…

Grapefruit Coconut Angel Pie

It was good, but not quite worth the loads of dishes involved. That said, I’m glad I made it because the flavor combination was interesting and I am definitely going to play around with it. The meringue crust was excellent! In fact, I can’t wait to make another one and fill it with something chocolaty.

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  1. Michelle W. in Calif. says

    Loved the Oscars! Unfortunately I haven’t seen “No Country For Old Men”, “There Will Be Blood” OR “Michael Clayton”….but I did love “Juno” and “Atonement”! Thought Jon Stewart did a great job, I just love him! I’ve got “Once” at home right now from Netflix, can’t wait to watch it after hearing that beautiful song…
    The pie sounds interesting!!!

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