Cookie Showdown!

This hasn’t aired yet, but Food TV has the nine Ultimate Cookie Showdown finalist recipes on-line. Woo hoo!

I have a thing for chocolate and chile peppers, so my money is on these, but they all sound good.

Here are a few more for the hopper.  My chocoholism is no secret.

Chocolate Cherry Cookies
Sweet & Salty Double Nut Toffee Brownie Bars
Pineapple Cheesecake Bars (not chocolate, but cheesecake!)
Radical Rob’s Chocolate Chip

The other cookies are a bit more exotic, but definitely interesting.  White Beer?  Very creative.

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  1. Therese says

    I love the showdown shows! Are you going to try any of these? I am kinda going for the beer cookies. I made some brownies this week with beer and they were so good!!!

    I can’t wait to watch!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Sue says

    The chocolate cherry cookies sound really interesting. Have you ever used red wine cookies? I wonder how much wine taste remains in the cookie, and how much of it bakes out with the alcohol?

  3. says

    I’ve been enjoying the show-down shows. The commentary is sometimes a bit hokey, but they’ve been fun nonetheless. 🙂 I laughed out loud when Guy Fieri said one of the sandwiches should be served with a side order of angioplasty. LOL. 😉

    I’m also a chocoholic, so I’ll check out your links! Thank you!

  4. Mindy says

    Those cookie recipes look great. Can’t wait to see who wins the $25,000. I have only seen one episode of Ultimate Recipe Showdown, and I liked the show. The chocolate layer cake (the overall winner) and the tres leches coconut cupcakes (the winner in the cupcakes category) looked so good. Anna, any chance you’ll make either of those recipes?

  5. says

    Therese, the beer cookies sounded good too. All of them sounded good.

    Stephanie, I keep missing the Show Down. I did catch the tail end of the burger show, but that was the only one I’ve seen. Hopefully I’ll remember to tune in to this one.

  6. says

    Whooo! Cookie showdown! I’m excited. I’ve been watching each episode. The last one was pasta, and this lady made her own manicotti-pasta and everything. It looked scrumptious.

  7. says

    Can’t wait to see it. Where are you in this contest?? The beer cookies sound quite interesting. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen white beer, but I’ve certainly never thought about putting beer into a cookie!

  8. says

    Emiline, I will have to look up the manicotti recipe.

    Recipegirl, I entered a couple of recipes but didn’t get picked. Based on what I see, the winners’ ideas are much better.

  9. says

    I’ve been watching the showdowns, so have my parents and they have tried all the entrees that have been at TGI Fridays. They LOVED the chicken recipe, loved the ahi tuna burger and didn’t like the beef sandwich with plantains. They would have tried the chocolate cake, but aren’t eating sugar right now. I’m anxious to see which cookie wins. I’m sure my parents will be trying the pasta winner soon. Fun show idea. Aren’t they already advertising for the next ones? Go, Anna. I’m sure you could win a chicken showdown or something, since you’re so good at baking cookies! ; )

  10. says

    Katrina, they are accepting entries. I am not feeling particularly inventive, though.

    I want to make the chocolate cherry cookie (with red wine!) tomorrow but am wondering what kind of cocoa powder they mean. It says “good quality cocoa powder” but doesn’t specify natural or Dutched. I guess it doesn’t matter.

  11. TG says

    it’s interesting that 2 of the recipes have booze and 2 have cardamom. especially cardamom which i like but, you know, not an everyday kind of deal.

  12. TG says

    ok sorry for multiple comments but it says that TWO of the recipes — the spice cookies and the fudge bars — come from Camilla Saulsbury of Nacogdoches, TX. that seems odd

  13. Anonymous says

    Yeah, what’s with 2 of the recipes from the same person. And she looks familiar, like she’s competed on some show before…

  14. says

    TG, Cardamom’s not one of my favorite flavors either. I like it better in savory dishes rather than cookies.

    About Camilla, it’s not surprising that she has two recipes in the showdown. She is very creative when it comes to food. She wins multiple contests and has written many cookbooks.

    At least is shows that Food Network was being very fair in scoring recipes. Sometimes it just happens that one person has two of the highest scores in a contest.

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