Here’s a Check…

Now go out and buy yourself something pretty…

Alaska Purchase Check

…like Alaska.

Happy Seward’s Day, North Americans!

I’ll get back to you when I think of an appropriate cookie for this holiday, though I suspect it’s going to be oatmeal raisin because that’s what I’m craving today.

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  1. says

    That’s funny!
    I love Alaska and would live there if my husband wouldn’t whine about the cold.
    Consider a cookie that’s some take-off on a baked Alaska! THAT would be quite the challenge, wouldn’t it? Although I love oatmeal raisin!

  2. says

    Hi Catherine,

    I’ve never been to Alaska but I know a few people who have. There’s an Alaskan cruise that is supposed to be breathtakingly gorgeous.

    I need to see something breathtakingly gorgeous today because I have dry eyes, it’s raining and it really feels like a Monday so far.

    Great idea on the Baked Alaska! Maybe I’ll make Todd a baked alaska for dessert.

  3. Therese says


    I am just testing to see if this goes through. Our computer is on the mend. We are awaiting a new “motherboard”….sheesh. Doesn’t it make you wonder where they come up with all these funky computer tears????

    Oatmeal cookies sound GREAT! I will await for the recipe. It is rainy..rainy…yucky here today. I am on my second pot of coffee!!

  4. Therese says


    It worked….I meant…TERMS..NOT TEARS.

    P.S. I am catching up on all your recipes…without a computer for a week. ARRGGHH.

    I totally think you should enter that cooking showdown on the food network!!!! LOVE that show! But first write a cookbook!!!!! It would save me A LOT of time as I am always passing your recipes to family and friends!!

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