“Today is Wednesday, March 26th”

Sorry today’s recipe is late. I spent the morning walking around the mall looking for a “Save My Face” pillow. I hate waking up with creases on my face. It’s depressing.

I did enjoy the mall, though. I got there about 10 minutes before the stores opened and walked around the “mall part” watching employees check in and get ready. At 10:00, a little siren went off and store gates began to open. I meandered into Dillard’s just in time to hear the manager finish his morning pep-talk over the loudspeaker.

“……and remember to smile! Don’t forget about bonus points…..they’re a win-win situation for everyone, so encourage your customers to open up a Dillard’s line of credit. Today is March 26th.”

I was glad to hear what the date was. When you’re depressed, hearing someone say the date out loud is oddly comforting.

Unfortunately, no one carried Save My Face pillows, but I did find a cute dress at The Gap and made friends with the lady at the Sleep Number store who told me the crease in my face was gone and that I just should drink copious amounts of water.

I left the mall feeling a lot better and decided to stop at the store for ingredients to make Passover Cookies. Results to come! They’re actually really good and I will post a picture later. The sun just came out and Rachel and I have a date at the park with some Girl Scouts.

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  1. Laura says

    Hi! I have never heard of a save – your – face pillow – but I think I want one now! How did you hear of it? Do you know someone who has one? I’m a side sleeper and I do feel my face squish up when I sleep. I love your web blog – I check it all the time!
    :) Laura

  2. Sue says

    I hadn’t heard of Save Your Face pillows either so I googled it. They look interesting.

    Different topic, but cookie related. Have you ever considered doing a PSA regarding chocolate chips? I’m sure I sounded like a dunce when I emailed you asking about the Ghiradelli 60% Cacao Chocolate Chips (which were very good in the Congo Squares), but it seems like there are so many choices on the shelves now! I have a preferred chip for standard chocolate chip cookies and the fudge bars that are a favorite here, but I wonder what the best uses are for the others that are on the shelves?

    My favorite chocolate chip story is about sending my husband to the store for Guittard Chocolate Chips. I like them for certain things like the fudge bars when you want them to be really creamy. When he checked out, the helpful clerk pointed out to him that the store brand was on sale and a particularly good deal. He apparently looked at her and said that if he bought those, he might as well not even return home. :-) I’m glad the man knows the difference. :-)

  3. Carol says

    What about satin or silk pillowcases? I think they might work.

    Love love love your site. I try not to stop here when I’m hungry.

  4. says

    Hi Laura,

    I found out about the pillow just by Googling. I figured somebody would have invented some sort of anti-wrinkle pillow. Apparently, there’s another even better pillow out there designed to prevent wrinkles…..one that contains copper. (?????)

    Sue, I would love to do a PSA on chocolate chips but honestly, it’s so subjective. Plus, I’m very fickle and not brand loyal to anyone. Some days I crave different brands. I love the story about your husband. I’m sure Todd knows that feeling. Hardy, har, har.

    Carol, believe it or not I went to the fabric store today and bought a yard of satin. My friend Average Jane Crafter has promised to make me a satin pillow case. I’m still on the fence about the Save Your Face Pillow. You’d think between the satin pillow and the 6 or 10 or 20 products I use, I’d be okay. Argh.

    I’ve been drinking a lot of water today. That’s always a good idea anyway, right?

  5. Chelsea says

    Anna, I wanted to see what pillow you were talking about. While I can’t imagine spending $60 for a pillow, I did find a brand new one on ebay for about $45 from a certified retailer.
    So you could always check there!

  6. says

    Chelsea, thanks! That’s a big savings.

    Last night I took an old silk robe and used it as a make-shift pillow cover. Even with the lines pillow, I felt nervous about sleeping on my side and tried sleeping on my back. I managed to sort of do it, but woke up with an aching back. I think I really do need the “Save My Face” pillow.

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