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I spent this morning doing some volunteer work at the school, where the kindergartners were all riled up because their chicks hatched. They got the eggs from 4-H this year and there were more live-hatches than last year. Good job, 4-H! Congratulations on raising such fertile chickens.

Egg Beaters

Oddly enough, I came home for lunch and felt like making myself some scrambled eggs. I usually just scramble the whites and mix in a bit of extra yolk for flavor, but today I decided to try a product I picked up yesterday called “Egg Beaters with a Touch of Yolk”.

Now the people at Egg Beaters (who did not ask for this review or read Cookie Madness as far as I know) claimed the touch of yolk made their product better. I was all for making Egg Beaters taste better and since I do the “touch of yolk” trick myself, I figured they might be onto something. And I am happy to report that the new Egg Beaters are MUCH better. They do have 10 more calories per 1/4 cup, but big deal, right? Because now they taste more like natural scrambled eggs, which I also love but which have double the calories. The other nice thing about Egg Beaters is they’re fast, compared to cracking 4 eggs, separating out the yolk and adding a little of it to the whites. And fast is good for days when you have lots going on.

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  1. judi0044 says

    Thanks for the review. We’re heavy users of the product and wondered if the new ‘recipe’ was noticeably different.

  2. says

    I’m going to look for these at the store, when I go later.
    I could use a healthy breakfast, considering I ate French toast sticks today. I don’t know. French toast sticks are pretty amazing.

  3. Maggi says

    Ya know, I would be O.K. with it if the ingredients just said: Egg white, Egg yolk.

    But honestly, I do the ‘touch of yolk’ thing too in the morning. But my eggs don’t come with vegetable gums, artificial colors and other such nonsense. I’ll take the extra few seconds it takes to separate my two eggs.

  4. says

    Being from Aus (been following your awesome blog for a while now) I find the concept of eggs in a carton soooo bizarre. We don’t have products like that at all. So Maggi I might have to agree with you 🙂 Give me a free range grain fed organic egg anyday! You just can’t beat the taste. But thank you for sharing with me this interesting concept. And keep up the great work, I LOVE your blog!

  5. Jen says

    I wondered about these but, honestly, don’t really have any issues with scrambled egg whites. Probably because it’s been a very long time since I’ve had regular scrambled eggs.

  6. Debbi says

    I am going to pick some of this up tonight at the store. I usually do the 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg for my morning eggs. I add onions, peppers and broccoli so I don’t need the flavor of any more yolks. The egg beaters are much simpler. Thanks for the review!

  7. says

    Judi, I am sure you will notice the difference. I was a bit skeptical, but pleasantly surprised.

    Maggi and Chai, I prefer fresh eggs too. I have been buying Eggland’s Best because there seems to be a noticeable difference in taste. I also like the fresh brown eggs from the Sunset Valley Farmers market. But every once in a while I have days where I feel like I’m running on adrenaline and anything that makes me feel more relaxed — including pouring eggs out of a carton, is a gift :). I don’t buy Egg Beaters that often, but I wanted to see what the new improved ones tasted like and I was impressed.

    Cai, thanks for the link to your blog! I am looking forward to reading it and getting ideas.

    Jen, treat yourself to a full scrambled egg with a dash of butter. Seriously. I think you DESERVE a whole egg….just this once. After years of sticking to whites only, a freshly made scrambled egg is a wonderful thing. One of the magazines — can’t remember which one, just had a great article about making the perfect omelet consisting of butter, salt, pepper and egg. No milk, no water….just the basics; but you don’t have to eat a whole omelet….just one small, no make that a large, egg.

  8. says

    We eat a lot of eggs in our household and, like Maggie and Cai, I’ll take mine straight up with no additives. But, like you, Anna, it’s nice to know the eggbeaters are there for that time when I want to pour out of a container. We have friends who eat eggbeaters all the time, so when they visit, why not make them happy at our house? It won’t kill me to once a year eat an eggbeater and keep my friends happy. I’ll get the ones with the added yolk and thanks for the review. BTW, do you at all know how great you are at writing? I love coming to your blog, especially when you write tongue-in-cheek about your daily activities and then give us cute artwork like a baby chick looking at a carton of eggbeaters. I can’t wait for your first cookbook. Please stop putting it off. Take one day a week off the blog and start on it.

  9. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is a “touch of yolk” person. I have not seen this produce but may just look for it!

  10. judi0044 says

    I’ll second the Eggland’s Best. When we don’t use the Egg Beaters at the Dr.’s request, I only buy Eggland’s. There is a noticeable difference – price too! However, like everything else, eggs are on their way up as well.

  11. says

    I have a silly question, I noticed on the ingredients for EggBeaters that it lists onion powder/spices and I’ve wanted to use them in baking cookies and goodies, but would the “spices” used in the EggBeaters transfer their taste to my cookies? Do you ever use them in your baking? I haven’t dared use them because of that. Are they really just best for scrambled eggs or omelets? Thanks!

  12. says

    Another good think about the Eggland’s Best is the Omega 3’s.

    Katrina, I checked my Egg Beaters and they didn’t have spices. Maybe you’re thinking of the Southwestern flavor.

    As for baking, I usually use regular eggs, but if I’m cutting an recipe in half or need to use half an egg, I will measure out 1 3/4 tablespoons of Egg Beaters. That is, if I happen to have a container open.

  13. says

    See now convenience would be great, I’m all for convenience! I’ve even been known to use frozen onion in a recipe when I am feeling lazy (shhhh don’t tell!). We certainly don’t have the range of convenience foods you guys seem to have over there. You can’t even get tinned pumpkin for baking!

    Anna, no probs, I’m such a newbie I hope I can provide something worth reading 😉

  14. karen says

    I just happened upon your site. My family and I have been using egg beaters with yolks for about six months. Just recently, I have not been able to find them in our area supermarkets. I contacted the company and they said they were discontinued.

    I was disappointed, as I did not like the taste of the original. Do you know another product like this, that has yolk in it or tastes like this product?

    The ease of using this product, has got my son and husband away from cereal, which has made them less hungry through the day and helped them lose weight.

    Thanks for any info, you might be able to share about this product or a similar one.


  15. says

    Hi Karen,

    Sorry to hear they’ve been discontinued. But that’s odd because I bought a carton of the Southwest flavored just last week. Maybe they are only putting yolk in the flavored version or maybe I got one of the store’s last shipments and they will soon be gone forever. I’m not sure.

    As far as ease goes, people are going to say “Well, how hard is it to break an egg?”. That’s a good point and I respect that, but some people don’t like separating eggs themselves and just hate throwing out those yolks (even though in the end, it’s probably more economical than Egg Beaters). So I can see both sides. At this point, you might have to just separate the eggs and use the real thing! Sometimes I separate a couple of eggs and mix 2 whites with one whole egg.

  16. Andrea says

    I wanted to post that I also don’t see the “with yolk” variety advertised on their website (, but assure you that I found them today at Woodman’s (Wisconsin grocery chain) and also at Wal-Mart superstores. Pretty handy for a quick work lunch, so I hope they aren’t discontinued on a national level. We like the garden vegetable variety and add fresh tomato, parsley and salt-free seasoning blend.

    Is anybody else bothered by the sodium content? It seems elevated.

    Why do egg substitutes contain dried milk?

  17. Renee says

    I’m sorry to report that Egg Beaters with Yolk have indeed been discontinued by the manufacturer. I had noticed that they weren’t selling so well at my local supermarkets. I guess the demand is for totally cholesterol free products. I now add regular Egg Beaters to one real egg for the same effect.

    Here is a statement from the manufacturer about the discontinuation:

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