Cat Dental Report

Last week I complained that my cat had cavities and needed a couple of teeth extracted. Well, it’s been done and he’s feeling great! He’s in a great mood (cat pain medicine) and happy to be home.  Thanks for all the empathy last week!

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  1. Jennie says

    Hello! I have been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now. I wanted to send a quick response to your post. I am so glad your cat is feeling better. I work as a dental hygienist. We have it easy because we can verbally communicate what our pain is, and then how great we feel when it is gone. It amazes me when you notice an animal not acting themselves, you go to the vet and they have the necessary treatment and then they are like different animals. I have seen it with one of my dogs for a dental abscess and also in one of my parents dogs with an eye issue. Both dogs were so happy after treatment. The owner/pet relationship is so special. They do have their own little way of communicating with us, we just have to listen to their cues.
    Happy Baking!!

  2. Carol A, says

    I’m so glad Frinky is feeling good! Cat dental work is a little tough on the pocketbook, but our pets are worth it, aren’t they? And it’s so good to see them feeling so much better.

    Good job, cat mom. 🙂

  3. Therese says

    I am so glad your cat is mending! I love cats and I wish I could get one…hubby was clawed as a youngster and never got over it. Have you ever seen…Meet the Fockers..with Jinxie the cat? If you haven’t you should rent it…sooooo funny!!!

    I plan on making your Guinness chocolate cake recipe for my sister’s birthday party this weekend. I will let you know the results and feedback from my family.

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