More Proof I’m a Geek

I am way to excited about this. In fact, I’m slipping into my Texas accent y’all.

Rob, creator of Rob’s Radical Chocolate Chip Cookies — posted a review of his own cookie recipe on the Food TV website. If you are too excited to wait for the link page to load, here’s what he said.

“HUGE error on the recipe!!
03/31/2008 at 06:31pm
User: null from null, null User Rating:
It is supposed to be 1/2 cup of white sugar, NOT 2 cups for pete’s sake! No wonder some of you mention how sweet they are! 3 Tbs is not a typo either. Thanks for all the kind words out there, it was pretty painful to lose after scoring 99/100 points. :) It was a lot of fun and it gave me a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into producing a TV show. That one hour episode took over 12 hours in studio! Thanks, “Radical” Rob Standley P.S. I gave myself 1 star as not to skew the ratings.”

The world suddenly makes sense again now. I was so baffled as to how professional judges and food writers could have judged this cookie as a winner when it was so incredibly sweet. Had my tastebuds gone awry?  Maybe my chorda tympani had been damaged from all the ear surgery?  But no.  2 cups was a typo and Rob’s winning cookie (Rob, you are a winner in my book!) had 1/2 cup.

I’ll be making these again……as if I need another excuse for more chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. says

    How cool of him! He seems like a humble guy. I will have to try these cookies! I wonder if they will be as flat as yours turned out with the correct amount of sugar.

  2. says

    I know! He is the greatest! I have to make the cookies again and give him 5 stars. I am sure they’ll be worth that when made correctly.

  3. TG says

    i love this, if only becuz i could feel your furrowed brow these many days as you tried to make sense of the whole thing. THANK GOD THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED and we can go back to our stations now

  4. says

    That is crazy. Do you think the food network will correct the mistake? Not everyone reads the reviews and may not see his correction. NOW I can and will try the cookie! (Just hadn’t gotten to that one yet.) Rob seemed like a great guy on the show, which also made me want him to win. I still can’t believe the ginger cook beat his. I REALLY love anything chocolate over anything ginger.

  5. says

    One other thing, they have 5 of the winning recipes on TGI Fridays website, the only one missing is the cookie. Are they not going to make that available there? Hmmm, bet they would if it was a yummy chocolate chip cookie, serve it up with some ice cream, etc. But no one wants to eat a ginger cookie at a restaurant. (Can you tell I’m bitter about the vote! No really, I’m sure the ginger cookie is good.)

  6. says

    TG, this must have been the cause of my eye problem. It was a psychosomatic reaction…a physical manifestation of the confusion and anxiety I was feeling.

    Stacey, I was to excited to type!

    Katrina, that’s a good point. I hope they fix it soon. Also, I am more of a chocolate person and am also dragging my feet on making the ginger cookie. Val made them, though. She said they were great.

    From what I understand, in most contests the judges have to compare each cookie to what the perfect version of that type of cookie should be like. So in this case, I’m thinking the cookie got a numerical score based on how it stacked up to all chocolate chip cookies. In the end, the grand prize/overall winner is determined by scores. So even if a judge was partial to chocolate, the winning cookie would have to be the one that scored highest. So the ginger cookie is not really the best of all cookies, it’s just the best of all ginger cookies.

  7. says

    Lindsay, I don’t know. I’m worried for you ;).

    Do you sometimes find yourself breaking into the sugar and just eating it straight? Some people nibble on brown sugar.

    Or maybe you were just really hungry.

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