Rob’s Radical Redux

It was a busy morning. I took the cat to the dentist, took myself to the dentist, went to the gym, then came home to tackle a cookie I’d been looking forward to making all morning – Rob’s Radical Chocolate Chip Cookies. Again!

If you didn’t catch the previous post, the news is that the recipe on Food TV was posted with a typo that read “2 cups Baker’s Sugar” instead of “1/2 cup Baker’s Sugar”. People who made the cookie were shocked by the sweetness and awed by the fact that it not only won its category, but even made it to the show at all. Meanwhile, we all felt bad about this because Rob seemed like such a nice guy.

Last night, a Cookie Madness friend mentioned Rob himself had recently posted a review letting everyone know of the typo. The correct amount of baker’s sugar is 1/2 cup — which may or may not be corrected on the original version when you read this.

Here’s a picture of the new improved cookie. They were delicious! The crunchy texture we liked in the overly sweet cookie is gone, but this cookie is a good basic chocolate chip cookie. It’s easy to make (no mixer required) and will be especially perfect for those who have trouble making thick cookies. Another thing I noticed was it has kind of a smooth, borderline shiny outside. If I’d used hotter butter, it might have been even shinier.

Also, I used the full 3 tablespoons vanilla and it worked out well. If you use a super strong vanilla, then you might want to reduce it.

And finally, if you can’t find C&H brand Baker’s Sugar, pulverized granulated sugar (1 minute in the processor) seems to work well. If you don’t have a grinding apparatus, try superfine sugar.

Rob’s Radical Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. Angie says

    Thanks Anna for being brave and making the new recipe! My faith has been restored in Rob! I thought how could such a swell guy make such a sweet cookie and think it is good???? Anyway, I used semi sweet morsels the first time around but I will make the recipe just as he made it on the show and I am sure they will be magnificent! All is right with the world today…mystery solved! I am going to write a rave review on the food network site, since he is such a swell guy who makes such a glorious cookie! I am making them today!

  2. says

    I made them this morning, too. Mine look pretty much just like yours and are quite yummy, although all I did was take one little bite! I used the full 3 T. vanilla and it wasn’t as overpowering as I’d thought it would be. YUM! Thanks for the correction, Rob, and the great chocolate chip cookie!

    Truthfully though, I have other favorites of the chocolate chip cookie. Have you ever made Best, Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from allrecipes? (It also has melted butter, so I thought Rob’s would be similar, but they aren’t really.) I love that one. I think I might also like the Doubletree one better. Gonna try Todd English next. Yet, I can’t get out of my head my grandma’s chocolate chip recipe which is the one my family has used for years and years, but hers uses all shortening, which I try to stay away from now. Anyway, I’ll quit babbling on your site!

    Heading to NYC in a few weeks and will try the Levain cookie and let you know what I think.

  3. says

    Katrina, I love your comments! Don’t stop babbling 😉

    And yes, I have to agree that while this was a good cookie, it was not my favorite. My favorite is still Wellesley Cookie Exchange “Best-Ever” chocolate chip cookies.

  4. Michelle W. in Calif. says

    I picked up some Baker’s Sugar, so I’m game to try them! (esp. with the new corrected recipe!) Just when I thought I was getting chocolate chip cookie fatigue, LOL!

  5. says

    Okay, I just tried these again after they’d cooled completely and they taste even better. They are a really good cookies. I used a mixture of milk chocolate and dark. The milk chocolate was chopped up leftover chocolate bunny. I think with a higher grade of chocolate, these could be 5 star.

  6. Valerie says

    I will be trying them today using superfine sugar and semisweet chips. I liked how you garnished the plate a la Rob.

  7. says

    Ha! I was wondering if anyone noticed that. Rob put walnuts all over his plate and so did I.

    Although I have to say, I normally agree with Camilla in that a cookie doesn’t really need garnishing. Plus, I think in a contest situation, garnishes shouldn’t be allowed. The food should be judged on its own appearance rather than how it’s plated.

  8. Valerie says

    yeah, I was being facetious. rob garnished his plate with walnuts AND chocolate chips. I thought that was kinda strange… garnish for a cookie. I am in the no-garnish-on-cookies camp too. not to dis rob, though… he was just getting into his moment, I think.

  9. says

    MMMM. Those look delicious. Incidentally, I think I’m going to re-attempt the Jacques Torres cookies, although I’m still not 100% sure about the pastry flour I got at WholeFoods. They only had whole wheat in the bulk foods aisle, and then I found an organic pastry flour (that doesn’t specify whether it is white or wheat) and went with that. Scary…. Then again, how can chocolate, butter, sugar, etc be bad?

    Oh, and PS, I definitely want to look into the Facebook scramble thing you mentioned in my comments so we can play!

  10. Therese says


    Wow…Rob! I wonder how many other people have tried that recipe with the full 2 cups?

    Well, that was mighty fine of Robert to post on the food network site.

    Thanks for re-trying the recipe and all the tips! I was wondering if you have ever heard of Atkins vanilla? I have seen it at our is a little more expensive. Is more expensive usually a better product in your opinion? I value what you think!

    Thank you for all you do….you have made me a better cookie maker! YOU ROCK!

  11. says

    Valerie, I forgot about the chocolate chips.

    Lara, good luck with the Torres cookies. The new brand of pastry flour should work. I think if it doesn’t specify whole wheat, it’s just pastry flour. Beware of Facebook. It is addictive.

    Therese, I’ve heard of Watkins vanilla but not Atkins. Do you think maybe you saw Watkins? Or maybe Atkins is a knock-off. I haven’t tried either.

    For these cookies, my La Vencedora Mexican Vanilla worked beautifully. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s kind of a light and delicate vanilla with a clean flavor. Three tablespoons seemed crazy, but it worked. Maybe the heavy amount of vanilla is what helped the milk chocolate to taste better. Because as mentioned many times, I usually do not use milk chocolate in CCC’s.

  12. Jane says

    I’m so excited to try these! I love the Best Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies that Katrina mentioned, but have made them so many times I’m ready for a new “standard.” This might be it!

    I do have a (potentially stupid) question, though. If all I have is granulated sugar, do I measure it then put it in the food processor, or put it in the food processor and then measure it? Or does it even make a difference??

  13. Katy says

    superfine sugar and granulated sugar measure the same, 200g per cup
    also, Rose Levy Berenbaum’s Pie and Pastry Bible has a recipe for making pastry flour out of a specific ratio of cake flour to ap flour. I always have those on hand and it’s cheaper than buying pastry flour. Whole wheat pastry flour will not have the right result in the Jacques Torres cookies. Katrina, try Bouchon Bakery in Time Warner and Jacques Torres has a new Chocolate Haven on 74th and Amsterdam.

  14. trace says

    Hi Anna! I really loved the ‘best-ever’ Wellesley choco chip cookies you posted and thought I’d try this one out as well. Glad the typo was found out before I tried the recipe!

    Just one question – do I have to adjust any of the ingredients if I don’t add in the walnuts?

  15. says

    Katy, thanks for the superfine sugar explanation.

    Trace, I’ve only made this recipe with the walnuts, but I don’t imagine you’d need to make any adjustments for cookies without nuts. You might want to add some extra chocolate, though.

  16. Therese says


    Oh silly me…YES, it is Watkins! I tell you…I think I am in menopause! I must have gotten it confused with the Adkins..or is it Atkins diet?

    Man…I played Bunco last nite. So you know how that goes….I am a wee bit tired today.
    So much fun! havent’ tried the Watkins vanilla…I will have to check for the mexican vanilla.

    Thank you!!! Sorry about that confusion!

  17. Another Valerie says

    I made these last night for my co-worker’s cat rescue bake sale. Like Katarina, I was hoping they’d be chewy like other recipes with melted butter. They were good, but also not my favorite. My fiance, however, said “These are really good.” He usually says that everything I make is good, or he says its yummy, or whatever, but that was a first.

    I also made most of them with the small cookie scoop and finished the batter out with 6 large ones because it was almost 10pm by that time and I needed to get to bed. The bigger ones were a little softer, but otherwise the same as the smaller ones.

  18. says

    Although for the sheer fact that it IS a chocolate chip cookie so therefore it’s good, I’m not liking the vanilla taste as much today (I made the cookies yesterday). Hmmm. I just used Schilling or McCormick Vanilla and need to get some of the GOOD stuff!

    I want to make the Jacques Torres cookies next, is the only place to get the flours at Whole Foods? Our closest one is an hour away. We do have a sort of health food store, is that the best place to look? Checked the grocery store this morning and they don’t have any pastry flour.

  19. says

    Therese, no problem! I was pretty sure you meant Watkins.

    Valerie, I hope the Cat Rescue Bake Sale makes a ton of money. And I think we’re all in agreement on these cookies. They are very appealing in the looks department, so I imagine they will sell well.

    Katrina, I like the good stuff too, but when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I like a more subtle vanilla like McCormick or La Vencedora. We don’t have Schilling here.

    As for the pastry flour, Katy mentioned a substitute you can make with a combo of cake flour and all purpose flour. I looked it up and the ratio is 1 1/3 cup all purpose flour to 2/3 cup cake.

  20. Sarah says


    Just curious, b/c I am on a chewy cookie quest, have you tried Alton Brown’s ‘the chewy’ chocolate chip cookie? If so, how do this and the Wellesly cookie compare? Thanks for any input, and sorry for being so specific!

    – Sarah

  21. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes, I’ve made that recipe many times and love it. The Wellesley cookies is a much different type of cookies. Alton Brown’s cookies are fairly thick with a soft center. The Wellesley cookies are thin and if baked for the longer time, slightly crispy. They remind me of the cookies other kids’ moms used to make when I was a little girl. They’re buttery and richer than Toll House.

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