1. Heather says

    Oh, that looks good. I think I’ll make this one for Father’s Day. From the other reviews, I’ll go ahead and double the cream filling. Looks good though…

  2. Katie says

    Boston Cream Pie is my favorite. Ooh! You should come up with a Boston Cream Pie cupcake!

  3. Karen says

    Hi Anna, after you posted your boston cream pie, I remembered a recipe for an all-chocolate boston cream pie in one of my Hershey’s cookbooks from the 80s. The recipe is posted on recipezaar, although the glaze is slightly different:

    I made it this morning with my daughter, since she is out of school and has no camp until next week. It went together easily, but my butter was not soft enough and my milk was too cold, so there were little butter chunks in the cake batter and the cake didn’t bake up that well. But we managed. The filling was puddinglike and not too rich – it has no eggs and not much butter. We enjoyed the cake, but not as much as the original boston cream pie. Still, it’s a promising idea.

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