Fruit Roll-ups Give-Away

Hey, guess what? It’s Tuesday night and I’m giving away Fruit-Roll Ups! Why? Because I have some! The nice people at Fruit Roll-Ups gave me a few free promotional codes to share with my Cookie Madness friends.

Regular Fruit Roll Ups are fun, but the codes I have are not just for regular Fruit Roll Ups, but for the fancy personalized kind you design yourself on My Fruit Roll-Ups. Some of you have had fun playing on this site already, but if you are lucky enough to be reading this right now, you have a chance to end your day knowing that your personalized creation will soon be in the mail. 

But as stated, I only have 3 codes and this is a very limited time offer.

Here’s what you have to do to get the goods.

1. Go to .

2. Click “Make My Design” then click “Start with a Picture”.

3. Take a look at the little pictures then tell me, in the comment section, which one is your favorite. Easy.

I will email the first 3 people to comment, a promotional code. So make sure you include your email!


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  1. Julie says

    Being a basketball coach/teacher I like the basketball with the feet. There were so many designs though, it was hard to pick only one.

  2. Amy D. says

    I like the graduation one in honor of my kindergarten graduate!
    Thanks, Anna!


  3. says

    Amy, Amy, Amy. It was a close finish, but Stephanie got her bug comment in faster.

    Tell your Kindergarten graduate congratulations. Fuzz was crying in bed tonight because tomorrow is the last day of school : (.

  4. Amy D. says

    Well it was fun playing anyway!
    Oh the emotions–my little girl was crying this morning and I cried tonight! I am excited though for summer fun…

  5. says

    Amy D.,

    Being the caring people they are, Fruit Roll-Ups has decided to give you a code too. You were so close! Maybe this will cheer up your daughter :).

    This is going to be an emotional day.

    Cass, I’ve had terrible luck shipping things to Australia. One time I sent someone a box of goodies and it took almost two months. Same thing happened when someone tried to send me some Australian cookies. Australia….so far, but yet so close.

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