1. says

    Awwww …. so cute! Hope all is going well. I agree, puppies are hard to photograph. So far you’ve done a great job of it!

  2. Laurel says

    Aaaaaaaaaaaw! I came to the website for something sweet, and I guess I found it! What a sweetie.

  3. says

    Hi Tracy,
    Todd was out of town when we got Lizzie, so I was suddenly very busy…and kind of anxious. Having a new puppy is great, but brings on a new set of responsibilities.

    Erin, thanks for reminding me about Tasha Tudor. I remember hearing of her a long time ago, but had to Google her to remember what she drew. I saw some of her corgi pics on Google images.

    Laurel, Awwwwwww.

    Alison, definitely! I can’t do that now because Lizzie’s on some special medicine and she has some intestinal issues going on at the moment, but the way she’s sniffing around and showing enthusiasm for the cat’s food, I know she will love treats. I saw a pet treat cookbook at Pet Smart. I need to go buy it next time I leave the house.

    C. Cookie, I hope so. I have to be careful not to drop chocolate chips on the floor.

    I’m making roast beef for dinner tonight. I wonder if she will notice? The cats always know when I’m making roast chicken.

  4. judi0044 says

    Is your little one a Pembroke or Cardigan? The photos show some color variation – very cute.

  5. Therese B. says


    What a cutie pie of a dog! Funny…about the dummy book…I bought the same when we got our beloved and much missed dauchshund..Jimi.

    Oh….what a honey of a dog!! ENJOY!!

    The look you captured on his face…very sweet!

  6. Sue says

    Since someone else also thought of Tasha Tudor at the sight of the adorable Lizzie the Corgi, I decided to dig out my Tasha Tudor cookbook, and randomly pick a cookie “receipt” to share. I haven’t made these, but they look simple enough to make with a puppy and a little girl romping around.

    English Toffee Bars
    from The Tasha Tudor Cookbook – Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage

    1 c. unsalted butter softened
    1 c. light brown sugar
    1 farm-fresh egg yolk, room temperature
    2 c. unbleached flour
    8 oz. chocolate bits
    1/2 c. English walnuts, chopped

    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 10×13 inch baking pan.
    Cream together the butter, brown sugar, and egg yolk. Stir in the flour and mix well. Spread the dough evenly over the prepared baking pan.
    Bake for 15 minutes until lightly browned.
    Immediately cover with chocolate bits. When the chocolate has melted, spread it with a knife and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Score and cut while still warm.

  7. says

    Sue, thanks so much! Maybe I will make that cookie today. I think I’m going to move it up to the main posting area.

  8. says

    CUTE puppy! Love the blog too! I’m a cookie freak! I’d eat them for 3 meals a day if I could! πŸ™‚

  9. Sue says

    You’re welcome Anna! If you try them let me know how they turn out. Like I mentioned above, I’ve never tried them, but they seem to fit the theme. πŸ™‚

  10. Rachel B. says

    Tasha Tudor is where my family heard about corgis in the first place! My mom had to have one (thank goodness she settled on that instead of sticking with her pot-bellied pig stage . . .), and we eventually found a slightly mixed-breed corgi who became the best friend of our Afghan hound. Two VERY different dogs. Then, when my husband and I decided to get a dog, we were torn between Basset Hounds–which he grew up with–and corgis; the two have a surprisingly similar build, in a funny way. Anyway, my husband was easy to persuade. Once he saw a real live corgi, he fell in love!

  11. says

    Oh lookie her ears are coming up!!! What a cutie pie – I got a puppie at the end of March and I don’t think there’s anything better than the pitter patter of puppy paws around the house!

    Mine are akitas, a bit bigger than a corgi, but a puppy is a puppy cuteness abounds! Good luck with Lizzie!


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