1. Rachel B. says

    Ooo, I love the cat picture. And Lizzie looks so fuzzy! Of course, I shouldn’t tell you this now, but our corgi Max sheds like he’s the fountain of fur. No matter how much comes off of him, there’s always more . . .

  2. says

    Love her little white “boots”-paws. She’s a lot shorter than I’d thought, but the picture with the cats really lets you see just how little and cute she is.

  3. Rina says

    Thanks Anna! I’m studying for the California bar exam right now and Tuesday evening cuteness is exactly what I need!

  4. says

    HAHA! It’s a standoff!!! I would ask how big Lizzie will get but seeing that she will sheds takes her (type) out of the market for me!

  5. says

    That pup is still all fuzzy and cute!! I can’t believe that he is smaller than the cats – will he stay smaller than the cats?!

  6. Daniel Eliasson says

    Awww, that is an adorable puppy. I love the cat picture, it reminds me of when my family got our first Flat Coated Retriever, Lisa. We already had a (large) cat, and the first thing that happened when little Lisa entered the apartment was that the cat came over, gave her a stern look, and walked away.

    She peed on the floor, right there and then.

    The amount of respect that cat enjoyed from the dogs was way above what any human in the family got, and they would always come over and try to lick him when he slept. I hope your pets will have an equally harmonic relationship!

  7. says

    Awww…she looks so big alone, but next to the cats, she’s TINY! Keep taking pictures because, like babies, they grow up sooo fast. I wish I had more pictures of my dog when she was a puppy!

  8. says

    She’s cute, that’s for sure. But as someone said — God made puppies cute for a reason! She’s still a handful. She’s easy in the day, but she’s still waking up early in the morning :(. It’s not doing anything for my Cortisol levels, that’s for sure!

    As for size, she’s about 5 pounds right now. She’ll probably get up to about 30 pounds.

    The other day I took her to the vet and she was in one of her crazy moods. The doctor asked if she’d eaten and I said I’d tried to feed her, but she wasn’t hungry. He went on to say that he suspected she had a “transient juvenile hypoglycemia” and gave me something called Nutrical — a high calorie syrup to give her if I were to be away for more than 4 hours (which I haven’t been). He also said she might grow up to be a dog who has seizures. This was terrifying and I went home really depressed. His diagnosis was made on the basis that she was hyper at the vet’s office and that he thought he saw one head tremor. I think he’s wrong on both counts. Her blood sugar was probably low because she doesn’t like her dog food and the head tremor was an isolated occurence. When she’s not at the vet’s office, she seems like a normal happy dog.

    I’m thinking of switching vets. Even if she does have a puppy blood sugar issue and will eventually have seizures, the graveness and manner in which he approached the issue brought me down. I liked the vet in the past, but I might change to someone more upbeat.

    That’s my vent. This has had me down for a week or so.

  9. says

    Hi Anna,

    Cuteness that cute shouldn’t be legal.

    I say trust your gut about the vet. If you don’t think he’s right, try another one. I’m always afraid that they’ll make up issues to inflate the bill. (A had an experience with a dentist who, after seeing my insurance coverage, insisted that, basically, I needed a new mouth.) If anything, you can rest assured that you got a second opinion.

    Oh…and I tagged you over at my blog. 🙂 Now you’re it!

  10. Rachel B. says

    I don’t what brand you’re feeding Lizzie right now, but Max LOVES Innova Evo “Evolutionary Diet” dog food. You may balk at the price at first (about $45), but a big bag of it lasts us several months for our 26 to 29-lb. corgi! We only started out with it because that was what Max had been fed before we bought him. But we were so impressed with both his overall health and the ultimate cost of the food, that it turned out to be a pretty good deal.

    In short, it’s kind of a “lo-carb” dog food, with just meat & veggies in it, not a bunch of cheap grain. You might try it out on Lizzie; the store where we buy it has free sample baggies, and I think the brand produces at least some variety of puppy food. Good luck!

  11. Carole R. says

    Velcro loves Beneful Puppy. Someone gave me a tip for any brand of dry dog food—-Drizzle a bit of liguid (water, broth, erc.) and zap it in the microwave for a minute or two. Velcro loves this treat.

    If you were in Cleveland I would send you to Dr. Mandel, the best vet in the world. We live in the first house on the street and the cross street is commerdal. Dr. Mandel’s backyard abuts our driveway. When Sadie was so ill she collapsed on the sidewalk hile I was walking her over to the clinic. They saw what happened and ran over with a stretcher. When he put her down they brought her over to the house and put her to sleep in HER front yard. Besides all of his kindness he is a supurb vet.

    Who is Lizzie’s friend? Looks like she wants to play with the big kids.

  12. says

    Lizzie came from a place where they fed the puppies Authority. I bought some Authority, but was told it wasn’t that great. I tried Iams and it didn’t go over well either.

    The vet recommended Science Diet and she only eats it if I put it in a bowl and cover it with her favorite doggie meatloaf. Here’s the recipe.

    Part of me is thinking of ditching commercial dog food altogether and becoming one of those people who prepares special meals (like below) for their pet. However, I am afraid if I feed my dog people food I won’t give her the proper nutrients. I’m reading a book on dog nutrition right now and hoping it will convince me otherwise. I like the idea of feeding dogs regular food instead of commercial kibbles, but I want to do what’s best for her health.

    Lizzie’s Doggie Meatloaf

    10 baby carrots
    2 medium potatoes, skin removed (8 oz)
    1 (15 oz) can drained Great Northern beans
    1 pound ground beef
    1 large egg
    3 tablespoons rolled oats
    If desired, add in some other mixed vegetables such as peas or green beans – do not use onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolate, nutmeg,

    Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease an 8 inch baking dish with oil or line with non–stick foil.

    Shred the carrots and potatoes in a food processor. If you don’t have a processor, chop them up. Mix the carrots, potatos, beans, meat, egg and oatmeal in a large bowl. I do this with rubber gloves.

    Press mixture into the pan and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Let cool slightly before feeding to dog.

    In a very large mixing bowl, mix carrots, potatoes and any leftover veggies, no need to peel. Mash remaining ingredients into veggie mixture, mixing till no lumps. Place mixture into baking dish, spreading evenly. Bake for approx 1 1/2 hours. Cool on wire rack. Slice pieces into a size your dog will eat, foil wrap and date, toss into freezer bags, label for dogs Freeze remaining slices. Defrost before using.

  13. Laurel says

    I shared all of the Lizzie pics with a coworker who has 2 corgis, Amber and Edward. She fell in love with Lizzie.


  14. Maggi says

    Hey… is that a whippet she’s playing with??

    We have the whippet’s older cousin, a greyhound. Corgi’s are darned cute. But I do really like the greyhound/whippet/Italian greyhounds too!

  15. says

    The other dog is our next door neighbor, Lucy. She’s an Italian Greyhound and sweet as can be! Todd wanted an Italian Greyhound. They’re a lot of fun, but I like my dogs fluffy and shed-y so I went with corgi. Lucy is very good with Lizzy.

    Anyone interested in getting a new dog might want to read up on Italian Greyhounds. They are a great breed. The best description I read was that they were perfect dogs for cat people.

  16. Sarah says

    Anna, we live in SW Austin and really love our vet. We go to Brodie Animal Hospital. Usually we try to see Dr. Bryant but we’ve seen some of their other vets and always had a good experience:

    Also, we feed our pup Flint River Ranch. I read a lot of great things about it before trying it with our dog. She loves it and I feel good about giving it to her. Plus, they deliver it right to your door for free!!

    Your little corgi is adorable! I didn’t realize how tiny she is until I saw her next to the cats!

  17. Gayle says

    Well, you did it. Lured me out of lurkdom with the pictures of Lizzie. She is absolutely adorable. I love her face, and those ears…. so very sweet. I first found your site when I was looking for a good cookie recipe for “cookies-on-a-stick”. Found one on your site and it worked beautifully. Been hooked ever since. All your tips, pictures and recipes are outstanding. Thank you so much for the site and your time and energy. Good luck with your search in finding food that’s agreeable with your fur baby :o)

  18. says

    Gayle, you sound like a real puppy lover!

    Sarah, thanks for the link to Flint River Ranch. Funny. I just walked outside and saw a pet food delivery truck going down the street. I don’t know if it was Flint River Ranch, though. I will give it a try.

    We used Brodie a while back and they were very nice. None of our animals like traveling (even Lizzie) so I’m trying to keep it close to home. There’s a new one near us called Oliver Animal Hospital that people love.

    If I lived closer to it, I’d go to AM/PM. I used them in an emergency and they were so nice — very friendly and warm and used to dealing with people with very sick pets.

  19. says

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how tiny your puppy is. So cute! I saw the other pictures but next to the cats you can really see her size. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. HeartofGlass21 says

    My dog refuses to eat ‘healthy’ dog food as well.I give her Wegman’s healthy weight formula–she seems to like kibble that comes in many shapes to play with, and dislikes the uniformity of the healthier dog foods.

    Some vets can be needlessly alarmist, I hate to say it, for financial reasons–it’s important to find someone you are comfortable with.

    Lizzie is lucky to live with a great cook! Have you tried making peanut butter cookies for her–most dogs love peanut butter!

  21. says

    I think maybe that photo makes her look smaller than she really is. My cat is HUGE. He is not overweight, he is just a giant cat.

    Thanks for the tip on peanut butter cookies. Before I made the super dog loaf (which she loves) I was rubbing peanut butter over the Science Diet to get her to eat it. She does like it.

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